Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Monday, August 20, 2012

First Impressions from GenCon

So, I think I am starting to recover from the sleep deprivation of the BIGGEST gaming experience in the world, GenCon. And let me say, that my first experience to GenCon, was a blast!

I want to extend special thanks to Gale Force Nine/Battlefront and Cool Mini or Not for allowing me to demo some interesting games! Without them, I wasn't making it to the 45th edition of the Con.  With that being said, I was severly spoiled with my Exhibitor Badge, allowing me early and late access to the exhibit hall and a trip to the V.I.G. room (if only for a few minutes to drop off a demo board to the SodaPop Miniatures bigwigs).

Both Gale Force Nine/ Battlefront and Cool Mini or Not know how to thank their volunteers and reward them with the ultimate gamer gold, FREE STUFF!  From Battlefront/ Gale Force Nine I not only got a Con Exclusive gladiator card for Spartacus, but got a free copy of a really solid board game.  I think my Sunday night gamer group can all agree that with a few tweaks and the announcement of an expansion coming later this year, (capable of expanding the game out to six players, more Domini [factions], and I imagine even more gladiators and slaves to fill your stables!) that Spartacus will be a hot seller when mass released next month! 

As for the guys at Cool Mini, I was equally impressed with the swag bags which were handed out last night and the overall graditute of the guys running the Legion (Cool Mini or Not's demo/ publicity squad, which I am now a member and surprised how many Legionnaires there are here in my community now [Steele, Keimig, Goodnight, another guy I haven't met yet, and myself]).  I was talking with the Legion cordinator as I was wrapping up with teardown last night, and we think with this kind of local force, smaller Cons and mass demos shouldn't be a problem at all.... LOOK OUT LEXPO! Might be a little late for this year (maybe not) Cool Mini will be knocking on your door! Now on to the good stuff, the swag bags, which included you choice of a Secret Weapon weathering compound, a CMoN Legionnaire miniature, a copy of Ravage (CMoN's monthly publication which not only focuses on the CMoN range, but also looks at what other games and companies are dishing out too!), and then a random assortment of minis of which I had a Goblin Hero and a Ron and Bones pirate wielding a rather toothy fish, I got another guy's undead pirate as he wasn't too thrilled with what he saw of the game, to that I can only say, Ron and Bones (soon to be renamed as Rum and Bones) is the ONLY game out there where you can find a pirate weilding swine with dynamite strapped to them, so not only can the pirate blow up his opponents, he can have some pork chops and bacon too! Clearly one of my favorite minis I saw at the Con. I will be happy to get the rest of my rewards from CMoN in the next few weeks, until then I need to sit down at the CMoN site and do some shopping and make a few hard decisions quickly.

Overall a good experience, the Con and just about anything this sized is bound to have some hiccups along the way, and as a Exhibitor Demo:er I found out how frustrating red tape can be.  Not having tables which were supposed to be assigned, or a simple thing like having an event cancelled in the system can be frustrating for the gamers, the companies, the people running demos, and what should have been the Con as well.  My retail background took over on Saturday night, and when the peons of the Con couldn't or wouldn't do their jobs I went above and beyond my duties and got things done to save face for everyone.

As for coverage of the Con, give me a bit to completely recover.... I noticed some trends, and will have had some time to sort through some pictures I was able to take...  I am already looking forward to next year's Con, and all the gamer goodness it will bring!


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