Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hobby: Spartan Games Update

Hello all, Swooshfinn here to talk about Spartan Games. So in an attempt to distance myself from the inevitable price increase of Games Workshop games this coming summer, I have decided to pick up the remaining Spartan Games game, Firestorm Armada. Firestorm Armada is the sci-fi space naval battles game from Spartan. Looks to be a promising addition to the tradition naval games from them, especially with the multi-scale "epic style" Firestorm Invasion game to add depth to the Firestorm universe. Invasion is due out later this year.

So here are my fleets for the Spartan Games:

Uncharted Seas - Ralgard (so far dark green hulls, lighter green trim, with bronze accents and boltgun cannons, the sails will be the lighter green and yellow... dare I say it reminds me of the Green Bay Packers color scheme)

Here is a work in progress picture of a Ralgard Frigate and Cruiser (without sails), the Ralgard ships seem to me to have a lot of Asian influence, with a lot of ornate detail just above the waterline near the rudders, just below the main deck and on the aft (rear facing) side. I chose this color scheme because most Ralgard fleets have lots of oranges, reds and yellows in them... I wanted something completely different, I wanted the ornate details to "pop" off the mini, not get lost in the paint scheme.

Dystopian Wars - Empire of the Blazing Sun (a.k.a. Japanese) (red upper hulls, boltgun lower hulls, white command towers and fuel tanks, and tin bitz fuel lines)

The Empire of the Blazing Sun's ships so far ressemble steam powered bullet trains, I admit it, thats what drew me to the EotBS, the models just look awesome! Upon seeing them, I knew what color scheme I wanted for them:

Here is a picture of the Empire of Blazing Suns and Ralgard Cruisers and Frigates for comparision.

*** Since my original posting back in 2011, I have accumulated a French Magenta class battleship, and have most of it painted up.  Resembling the French flag, I decided to go with a bronze, blue, white and red scheme. With the release of Russian models, I am looking to pick up a fleet and make a Finnish division of the Russian Empire.  Will have to wait until corporate funding increases to make that investment into the game though.
Firestorm Armada - Directorate - I haven't decided on a color scheme yet... it seems that red and white are a very popular color combination for the fleet... I am not sold on that scheme, although it looks nice... I am thinking I might do monochromatic greys... different shades of grey light, dark and medium values. The Directorate vehicles remind me a lot of the Voyager from Star Trek: Voyager and the Defiant from Star Trek: DS9 (Deep Space Nine). I guess I will need to get the models in hand to get a better idea of what I want to do to them.

*** Update! - Went with a medium gray, turquoise, and gray-ish blue color giving my Directorate models a sleek, modern paint scheme. Pictures will come!

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