Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

News: Spartan Games updates for Dystopian and Firestorm

So Spartan Games has been in preview mode again, focusing in on their two powerhouse games, Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars. I must say that I am excited to see some new models again, but my checking account is screaming in agony at the fact that my "gamer eyes" want more shiny new models and more and more games to include in my personal library of strategy board games.  Maybe I will get lucky and find a better job or something more permenant that can fund the habit and hobby.

I am going to start out with Dystopian Wars here, with releases of Antartica, French and the recent Russian forces, Spartan is delving into some of the "Alliance Nations" or secondary players in the Dystopian "World War."  When announced, the alliance nations were to include: the Polish-Lithuanian coalition, the Chinese, the Republic of Egypt, and South American Socialist coalition.  ( A quick peak at Spartan's Dystopian website also lists the remaining wave 2  major players [the Italian States and Ottoman Empire] in this catagory.  Spartan threw a curveball and preview Polish-Lithuanians along side Canadian and (Asian) Indian models this week and last.

Check out:

Polish-Lithuanian Sky Fortress

Alliance nation bombards

and some more Prussian goodies, including a small-class Metzger(?)

In addition to all the Dystopian previews, we are getting a better idea of how the Firestorm Armada picture will shape up with more options for alliances here, and a truely epic modular model.  The Firestorm previews all seem to be alluding to the fact that like Dystopian Wars, a campaign book is just around the corner.  Upon digging a little deeper into the Spartan blog for updates, I found the preview for the Corsair cruiser, which I know I have seen on a preview for the Firestorm campaign book, here is a link to that entry.

Veydreth Preview 1

Veydreth Preview 2

A new bug in this area of space

The most impressive modular model/terrain I think I have ever seen

Omni-Dyne, a daughter corporation to the Directorate

And now a super-maximum space prison

Whew, that's alot to cover and digest, especially with GenCon in less than 18 hours... Stay tuned, more is definitely on the way!


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