Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Sunday, September 9, 2012


So I had my first games of Netrunner today, played once as a corporation and once as a runner.  I really enjoyed the game, the art work lives up to my expectations from Fantasy Flight Games, and the mechanics seem to fit well into the theme of the game and are well thought out and remind me of why Richard Garfield is a gaming genius.

Shuffling through the decks between games, it was clear where some of the decks' themes were going and what they wanted to accomplish.  My opponent decided that he was going to run the Weyland corporation deck, so I thought I was going to use what I thought was the aggro- runner deck, Noise.  What I found out, was that I was trying to out-run a massive money making corporation at its own game.  I failed miserably with overpriced cards in my hand and nothing attacking the Weyland servers with little funding to keep my side of the game going.

A little after game discusion led to the fact that although both my opponent and I liked running the corporation side of the game, it is inevitable that we would reluctantly be forced to run the hacker side of the game more than we would care to.  Our discussion also led to the fact that FFG might look into Corporation on Corporation games or even Hacker on Hacker games in future expansions. 

We also agreed that the game is bound to be a big success as an LCG, but decided that deck building is somewhat limited in these initial days of just the starter being available and the card mix (although well thought out) didn't allow for much in the way of seriously customized decks.

I am completely impressed and will fork over $40 for at least one starter, from what I seem to remember of just glancing through the cards, it seems like a second might be a good idea although not completely nessacery.  I personally would stick to one, and focus on getting the mechanics down pat and probably wait for an expansion or two before seriously attempting deck construction.  This one might be one I put on my wish list for now.


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