Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Breaking! New Terrain from GF9 and Battlefront!

New terrain was previewed on the GF9 and Battlefront (FoW) sites today, more of the excellent Battlefield in a Box series.  Battlefront has also changed its policy towards previewing its new Battlefield in a Box terrain, and will announce it with the GREATEST lead time as possible to keep up with demand.  Remember that all Battlefield in a Box terrain comes pre-painted and pretty much ready o play out of the box.

New Battlefield in a Box terrain

Multi-scale terrain releases:

Rocky outcrops -due out in December- this is a new set of outcrops, look as good as the current set, I will probably get these since these are truly multi-scale, can be used for FoW, 40K, WarmaHordes, and my favorite, small islands for Uncharted Seas and Dystopian Wars

Toxic Pools -due out in November

Energon Crystals -due out in November- these are new sculpts for the purple crystals, completely different from the Ice Blue, Blood Red, and Alien Green current releases, these have a completely different feel (setting wise) compared to the others (or at least they do to me)

Flames of War releases:

Cratered Cobblestone roads

Small winter pine wood

Bastogne Church

Bocage (straights and extras) [think very dense hedge rows]

Keep it right here for more news and updates!


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