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Indiana 40K Championship


Sunday, December 29, 2013

40K in 2014: A look ahead

With the year drawing to a close it's time to look ahead at what 2014 holds for 40K. BoLS has a tentative schedule up. Considering the speed with which GW has been releasing everything lately, we might be in for another excellent year of releases and major shakeups in the game.

BoLS put up this schedule:

Warhammer 40,000:

Five 40k books minimum, more if they can be fit in:

Imperial Guard
Space Wolves
Dark Eldar
------------------ the "if they can fit them in line"
Blood Angels
Grey Knights

This basically brings everything up to 6th ed that really needs it. We know Tyranids are coming out in a few weeks. There will likely be a few Fantasy releases sprinkled in between the 40K releases. Imperial Guard is rumored to be coming in March (yay!). After that, Orks are in dire need of an update. It will be weird seeing Dark Eldar get another update without having to wait a decade :) Necrons and Grey Knights are still very competitive so I would imagine they will be further down the line. My beloved Blood Angels are also in need of a fresh book. Maybe this time around their unique unit will not be given over to marines at large! I'm not sure what other units they can come up with but an overall point reduction will do wonders and Death Company need to be a viable choice. 

What releases and order of releases would you guys like to see in 2014?

Cypher: Lord of the Fallen Arrives

Cypher has finally made his return to Warhammer 40K and the rules do not disappoint! For those interested in purchasing the iconic gunslinger, here is the link:

Cypher $16.99

From the release description:

The individual known as Cypher is one of the greatest mysteries in the war-torn future. His motives and methods are inscrutable. The few who even know of his existence are unsure if he Mankind’s bitterest enemy, or a lost pilgrim seeking atonement. Cypher is a being wrapped in shadow, an entity whose every move is cloaked in mystery. The Dark Angels have sought out Cypher since the fall of Caliban – their old homeworld. Over those many millennia, they have caught up with their quarry many times, but each time Cypher has inexplicably eluded them.

Rumours and legends about Cypher follow wherever he appears – and that can be anywhere across the galaxy. He has been sighted in each of the Imperium’s five segmentum, materialising as if from nowhere. Wherever he surfaces, he brings with him death and destruction, although whether he is the culprit or merely a herald of woe is often unclear. And wherever Cypher turns up, more of the mysterious Fallen Dark Angels are sure to follow.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

40K Digital Releases: Vulkan

More digital releases are out:

Warlords of the Dark Millennium: Vulkan He’stan $3.99

Warlords of the Dark Millennium: Vulkan He’stan takes a closer look upon the Forgefather of the Salamanders Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes.

As Forgefather, it is Vulkan He’stan’s solemn duty to retrace the footsteps of the Salamander’s Primarch. It is a quest to seek and recover the nine technological relics forged by the mighty Primarch of old, and hidden throughout the galaxy for his progeny to find. For over 7,000 years, a single Forgefather at a time has been assigned the monumental task of searching for the powerful artefacts. Over those millennia, five of the items have been recovered – including one by Vulkan He’stan himself.

40K Digital Release: Dante

Games Workshop keeps cranking out the digital releases. This time Dante of the Blood Angels gets some attention:

Warlords of the Dark Millennium: Dante $3.99

All fear the Angel of Death! Lord Commander Dante – the Bringer of Sanguinius’ Light – rules over the storied Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter. Even amongst the most honoured Imperial Commanders of the 41st Millennium, Dante is a living legend. His heroic service to the forces of the Imperium has lasted for well over a millennia. He is believed to be the longest serving loyalist Space Marine that exists outside of those interred within Dreadnoughts.

Now, with Warlords of the Dark Millennium: Dante, you can find out more about the origins, history and famous deeds of this noble champion of the Adeptus Astartes.

From GW Digital Editions Facebook page:

With only 10 days to go until Christmas, today's 15th title in the 2013 Digital Advent Calendar is a new installment in the Warlords of the Dark Millennium series that focuses on the Chapter Master of the Blood Angels.

This book is a great resource for Blood Angles fans. It chronicles Date's rise to Chapter Master, from his induction into the Blood Angles as a boy, through the many wars he has waged in defence of the Imperium to become the the iconic leader he is today.

The book also features some beautifully illustrated images of his weapons and wargear (master-crafted naturally, only the best for the Lord of Angels)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

News: Spartan Games January Releases

Spartan Games just announced their January releases, and as expected, it is mostly focused on Firestorm Armada. These include the various patrol fleets. However, there is also an exciting new Dystopian Wars release with the Black Wolf mercenary sub getting its own mercenary fleet!

Check out the Black Wolf Naval Battle Group:

There are some interesting ships here with small submarine tokens coming into play, corvettes, tiny flyers, support cruisers, and 'support skimmers'. Of course, the centerpiece is still the Black Wolf himself. It will be interesting to see how this fleet plays and stacks up against the current fleets out there.

Horus Heresy: Lorgar Released!

The next primarch to be released for Horus Heresy is none other than Lorgar:

Reunited with the Emperor, and at the head of the Word Bearers Legion, Lorgar Aurelian conquered, not simply through stratagem, overmatching power or simple brute violence, but by the subtle craft of exaltation, liberation and example. In his literal interpretation of the meaning of the Great Crusade, however, he and his Legion strayed from the path that had been set out for them.

For his failings, Lorgar received only disdain, contempt and censure from his siblings and father. His greatest success, Monarchia, was rendered to dust and ashes at the command of the Emperor, who sought no worship from his son, only swift victories to hasten his works. With his beliefs shattered, anger and resentment set in and Lorgar began to secretly accept new, darker truths. Both betrayer and betrayed, it was he who would set the stage for the nightmare of the Horus Heresy.

Lorgar, designed by Edgar Skomorowski, is an incredibly detailed multi-part resin model armed with Illuminarum and clad in the Armour of the Word. The newest edition to our Horus Heresy Character Series, Lorgar stands atop a scenic base depicting ritualistic trappings and inscriptions. 

Another excellent job by Forgeworld as we progress along the primarch release schedule. If only the Blood Angels weren't towards the end of the release scheudle...

Forgeworld: Imperial Armour Vol 2 Second Edition

Here is the latest from Forgeworld:

Imperial Armour Volume Two – Second Edition: War Machines of the Adeptus Astartes is a 256 page full colour hardback book which provides you with rules to use the large range of Forge World Space Marine armoured vehicles, flyers and artillery in your games of Warhammer 40,000.

Included within this brand new edition are profiles and rules for over 30 vehicles, from specialised variants of the mighty Land Raider to the heavily armed Thunderhawk Gunship, alongside extensive background material on the war machines of the Space Marines, their tactics and manufacture. The book includes Legacies of Glory, special upgrades that mark your vehicle as a truly ancient and honoured veteran of the wars that heralded the Age of the Imperium, rules for relic vehicles such as the Sicaran Battle Tank, and the vehicles used by the zealous Battle Sisters of the Adepta Sororitas, as well as those seconded to the service of the agents of the dreaded Inquisition.

In addition to this wealth of information, Imperial Armour Volume Two – Second Edition presents extensive details on the paint schemes and markings used by the Space Marines of the Adeptus Astartes. In order to use this book, you will need the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook and the relevant Codex for your army. To use certain units, you will need the Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse expansion.

There is also a nice preview video to go along with it:

This appears to be quite the update to the rather ancient original second volume and brings everything up to date with 6th edition. If you're heavily invested into Imperial armies then this will be a good book to add to your collection.

RagingHeroes: The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy (Kickstarter)

Check out the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter for some great alternate minis 40K! There are many minis to choose from. This one below would make a great female commissar.

News: New Tryanid Picture Sighted

Slick here again. The first of the new Tyranids pics have been sighted over on Bols. Those with the new Escalation book can try and spot the new minis in some of the dioramas in that book. Here is the one pic that Bols put up:

What do you guys think? Looks like some redesigned Tyranid Warriors! Expect the rumors and pics to start dropping faster as we get closer to January. What are you most looking forward to with the new release?


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