Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Monday, April 29, 2013

TippCon: 40K GT Update

Slick here again with another quick update for our main event, the 1850 pt 40K GT! To allow players more time and to ensure more games can reach a conclusion before time is called, we've expanded the rounds to 2.5 hours. Stay tuned for any further updates and remember to pre-register soon to guarantee your spot!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

40K Alternate Aegis defense lines

Wargamma has produced a number of alternate Aegis defense lines for non-Imperial 40K players. 

One for Necron players:

one for Eldar:

one for the Bugs:
 Da Orks:

For the Greater Good:

and Dark Eldar/Chaos Marines or even Daemons
Preorders are being taken at Mr Dandy, you should check them out!

TippCon: Update

Slick here with a quick update. We've updated the entry fees for our X-Wing and Star Wars LCG Regionals as well as the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament! Remember, these low entry fees are only available if you pre-register by May 15! Pre-registering guarantees you a spot and you will receive a swag bag full of hobby goodies!

Friday, April 26, 2013

TippCon: 40K Team Tournament update

Slick here with a quick update for TippCon. We have updated event information for our 40K Team tournament which reflects some minor adjustments. This is great event for those looking the fun and challenge of battling alongside a partner as you face equally tough opponents across several exciting missions!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Uncharted Seas: Bone Griffons fleet pics

Slick here again with a quick Uncharted Seas update. Now that I've made some good progress on my Bone Griffons, here is a group shot of the core of the fleet. I'll be getting to some of the heavies and destroyers soon. Comments welcome!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TippCon: Star Wars LCG Regional Tournament & Prize Information

Star Wars LCG fans, want to test your skills against fellow players from the Midwest? Then you won't want to miss the Star Wars Regional Tournament at TippCon in Lafayette, Indiana, June 16, 2013!!! There are tons of prizes to be had and entry is a mere $10 if you preregister by May 15! Registering afterward or the day of the tournament will be $20 instead.

TippCon III FFG Star Wars LCG 2013 Regional
Championship Prize List

1st place gets $50 gift card, FFG Regional prizes (Champion Trophy, ticket to the World
Championship, custom Balance of the Force coin, play mat, and FFG Regional 2013 affiliation

2nd place gets $20 gift card, FFG Regional prizes (Custom Balance of the Force coin, play mat,
FFG Regional 2013 affiliation cards).

3rd place gets a play mat, FFG Regional 2013 affiliation cards, and 10 acrylic focus tokens, and
the FFG OP game night kit Darth Vader and Red 5.

4th place gets a play mat, FFG Regional 2013 affiliation cards and 10 acrylic tokens and FFG OP
kit Darth Vader.

5th place gets play mat, FFG Regional 2013 affiliation cards, 10 acrylic tokens and FFG OP kit
Red 5.

6th-7th place, a play mat, FFG Regional 2013 affiliation cards, FFG OP kit Red 5, and Deck box.

8th gets a play mat, FFG Regional 2013 affiliation cards and FFG OP kit Red 5.

9th-14th gets the FFG Regional 2013 affiliation cards, FFG OP kit Red 5

15th-16th gets FFG Regional 2013 affiliation cards.

Last place gets a Deck box.

*TippCon III and its Event Hosts reserve the right to change/adjust prizes.

Please visit for full tournament information and online registration!

TippCon: X-Wing Regionals Tournament & Prize Information

X-Wing fans, want to test your piloting skills against fellow pilots from the Midwest? Then you won't want to miss the X-Wing Regional Tournament at TippCon in Lafayette, Indiana, June 16, 2013!!! There are tons of prizes to be had and entry is a mere $10 if you preregister by May 15! Registering afterward or the day of the tournament will be $20 instead.

TippCon III 2013 Star Wars X-Wing FFG
Regional Championship Prize List

1st place – (1) Millennium Falcon & (1) Slave 1 expansion packs and FFG Regional prizes:
Regional Champion 2013 trophy, World Championship Weekend ticket, Regional 2013 dice bag,
10 acrylic focus tokens, and a Regionals 2013 patch.

2nd place – (1) Millennium Falcon OR (1) Slave 1 expansion pack (player’s choice) and FFG
Regional prizes: Regional 2013 dice bag, 10 acrylic focus tokens, and a Regionals 2013 patch.

3rd place – (1) Millennium Falcon OR (1) Slave 1 expansion pack (the remaining ship not
chosen by the 2nd place player), 10 acrylic focus tokens, and a Regionals 2013 patch.

4th place – (1) Random Wave 1 (X-Wing Fighter, Y-Wing Fighter, TIE Fighter, or TIE
Advanced Fighter) or Wave 2 (A-Wing Interceptor or TIE Interceptor), 10 acrylic focus tokens,
and a Regionals 2013 patch.

5th place – (1) Random Wave 1 (X-Wing Fighter, Y-Wing Fighter, TIE Fighter, or TIE
Advanced Fighter) or Wave 2 (A-Wing Interceptor or TIE Interceptor), 10 acrylic focus tokens,
and a Regionals 2013 patch.

6th place – (1) Random Wave 1 (X-Wing Fighter, Y-Wing Fighter, TIE Fighter, or TIE
Advanced Fighter) or Wave 2 (A-Wing Interceptor or TIE Interceptor), 10 acrylic focus tokens,
and a Regionals 2013 patch.

7th place – (1) Random Wave 1 (X-Wing Fighter, Y-Wing Fighter, TIE Fighter, or TIE
Advanced Fighter) or Wave 2 (A-Wing Interceptor or TIE Interceptor), 10 acrylic focus tokens,
and a Regionals 2013 patch.

8th place – (1) Random Wave 1 (X-Wing Fighter, Y-Wing Fighter, TIE Fighter, or TIE
Advanced Fighter) or Wave 2 (A-Wing Interceptor or TIE Interceptor), 10 acrylic focus tokens,
and a Regionals 2013 patch.

9th place thru 16th place – A Regionals 2013 patch.

Last place - “Crash prize” - A previous prize from the FFG archives

*TippCon III and its Event Hosts reserve the right to change/adjust prizes.

Please visit for full tournament information and online registration!

Incoming: Australian Naval Battle Group for Dystopian Wars

Slick here again. Spartan Games revealed another new fleet (technically two new fleets) with the Austlian nation (Royal / Commonwealth). This is an exciting addition for Britannian and Covenant players or just those looking for something different. The ships really blend the aesthetic of several existing factions into something unique. It will be interesting to see what these new fleets can do. The small torpedo boat tokens from the Italians appear to be carried over in the form of some sort of small craft tokens for the Aussies as well. This is definitely a fleet that we're eagerly anticipating. Check out the description and pic from Spartan Games below and be sure to check out the Spartan Games website!

The Chinese Federation is not the only new nation to rock the foundations of Dystopian Wars. Check out the new Australian Naval Battle Group! When the Australian nation split into the Royal Australians and the Commonwealth of Australia, each side took with them half of the Australian Fleet. Brand new ships at the time, they have now seen many years of service under both flags, constantly being re-armed and refitted to their owner’s requirements. Royalist ships have been ungraded with the finest advancements in Britannian gunnery and shield technology, whilst the Commonwealth, with their close ties to the Covenant of Antarctica, have upgraded their ships to carry energy-based weapons. The parts necessary to make either Australian faction are included in the Naval Battle Group.

Incoming: Chinese Federation for Dystopian Wars

Slick here again with some exciting new previews from Spartan Games. Two new fleets are being added to the expanding Dystopian Wars universe with Chinese fleets being the first of these. Check out the descriptions and preview pics form Spartan Games below from what is looking line one of the coolest fleets in this already amazing game! Be sure to check the Spartan Games website as well!

Long considered the 'Sleeping Giant' of the East, the Chinese Federation is rapidly gaining traction as a world power. Its mighty Warships are entirely unlike the vessels of other nations. Hulls plated in armour of extraordinary resilience, the Federation's ships sacrifice speed in favour of incredible durability. Often likened to a castle wall, a fleet in battle will pound its foes with rocket barrages and broadside volleys, all the while impervious to long range attacks. They then swing round to bring devastating sonic and flame weaponry to bear at close quarters and steam in amongst the enemy fleet.

Chinese floating fortresses are a wondrous sight to behold - sprawling castles bedecked in oriental decoration held high above the earth or waves on thrumming repulsion engines. The mighty Zhanmadao Dreadnought is the pinnacle of Chinese technological advancement.

Monday, April 22, 2013

News: Blood Angels additions

Slick here again. Got home and had a box from The War Store waiting for me! Here is what I ended up getting after waiting for what seems like an eternity for them to get one of the Hi-Tech miniatures back in stock! I also ordered a cool angelic relief panel for a vehicle. Both of these will of course go into my Blood Angels force! I can't wait to get painting on these! Anyone else order Hi-Tech Miniatures before?

Rumors: Space Marine Battles - 2 New Books

Slick here again. Faeit 212 just revealed some interesting rumors about upcoming Black Library releases. There are possibly two new books coming soon and two more that are further off. Please remember these are only rumors.

Please remember that these are rumors, salt is always required.

via an anonymous source
there are 2 books due to be put up for pre order soon by BL, artwork has been done by Jon Sulivan, 1 of these is Space Wolves, looks awesome.

BL had a meeting about 2 weeks ago which was attendended by Neil Roberts (the artist responsible for the Horus Heresy covers), Dan Abnett, Gav Thorpe, Nick Kyme, Niel Roberts, Laurie Goulding and Graeme Niel. it was discussing 2 new books 1 being Dark Angels and 1 being Space Wolves. these are different to the 2 books mentioned above.

Forge World: Necron Tesseract Ark and Sentry Pylons

Slick here again with another Forgeworld update. Necrons are really getting some love with the new Imperial Armour. Check out the Tesseract Ark and Sentry Pylons below! Both of these add some cool new toys for the Necrons. The Sentry Pylons in particular could serve as a gun emplacement in a regular game of 40K for Aegis lines or bunkers.

Will any of you Overlords add these units to your Tomb World forces?

Necron Tesseract Ark
Necron Tesseract ArkThe Tesseract Ark is one of the most powerful Necron war machines encountered on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium, and so sophisticated is its design, it can be manufactured only by the most adept of Crypteks. Built around a contained singularity torn from the heart of a dying star, in battle the Tesseract Ark can siphon the destructive energies of this captured star-fragment and unleash them in a variety of terrible ways. The armoured bulk of the Tesseract Ark is  also surrounded by a gravitic distortion effect, a potent defensive mechanism.

Necron Sentry Pylons 
Necron Sentry Pylon with Gauss ExterminatorThe stasis-tombs of the Necrons are vast and shadowy edifices, and many an Imperial Explorator expedition has made planetfall on a dead world only to vanish without trace; slain at the hands of the unliving guardian-constructs that watch over their slumbering masters.
Among these defences are automated weapons platforms of strange design known as Pylons. Some of these are huge, cyclopean constructs, but Imperial tactical logisticians have codified smaller, tactical variants as Sentry Pylons. These powerful devices are arcs of glittering metal equipped with a weapons array that can strike down enemy aircraft at ranges so great as to be almost beyond comprehension. Some are outfitted with a gauss exterminator array, a larger and more potent example of the hellish energy weapons carried by the Necron soldiery. This can be employed against ground targets with no loss of effectiveness, scouring vast areas clear of life and cutting buildings down to little more than smoking rubble.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TippCon: Dark Age March to Immortality Qualifier

Dark Age fans, who wants to live forever? The struggle for Attr will reach a fever pitch at the March to Immortality Qualifier Tournament at this year’s TippCon, June 15 at the Best Western in Lafayette, Indiana!

The tournament format is 750 points with the Kukulkani list from Ravage fully legal. The tournament consists of 3 rounds with each lasting 90 minutes or until a turn limit indicated by the scenario is reached. Players will accumulate Battle Points over the course of the tournament with the tournament winner being the player with the most Battle Points.

Painting is NOT required but a separate Best Appearance prize will be awarded after painting has been juded.

We have some fantastic prizes lined up for 1-3 rd place finishers as well as Best Appearance and several random prizes as well! We don’t want to give away all the surprises but here is what the Tournament Winner can expect:
Kukulkani Starter set, a Cabrakan, and Cool Mini or Not Bases to for the Kukulkani! Don’t forget about the automatic qualification for the March to Immortality event itself! The winner will also receive the distinction of being the Indiana State Dark Age Champion for 2013!

Entry & Registration
The entry fee for the tournament is only $20! Preregister now in order to guarantee your spot and to receive a Tippcon swag bag full of hobby goodies! You may still enter the event after the preregistration period or the day of the tournament (space permitting), however the entry fee changes to $30. You may view the full tournament document here:
As an added incentive for store owners to promote the event: For every 5 players you recruit from your store, you, or one of your employees receives a free pass to the March to Immortality Qualifier!
Will everything you bring die before you can be crowned champion?

Monday, April 15, 2013

News: Forge World Newsletter #341

Slick here with some more Forgeworld news. A lot of new minis were revealed at last week's Forge World Open Day with the focus primarily on the ever expanding Horus Heresy range! Take a look below for some of the upcoming releases:

Realm of Battle Crashed Thunderhawk
Realm of Battle crashed Thunderhawk

Legion MkIV Destroyer Squad

Legion Destroyer Squad

"Considered dishonourable by some Legions, who eschew them altogether or make little use of them, the arsenal of a Destroyer squad includes rad-weapons, bio-alchem munitions and the crawling horror of phosphex. These hellish devices, which irrevocably taint the ground upon which they are used, have been forbidden by the Emperor’s own edict, and with good reason. For during the long nightmare of the Age of Strife, many life-sustaining colony worlds were rendered barren by their use, becoming uninhabitable charnel houses where once these verdant planets held thriving civilisations.
It is little wonder therefore that those who wield these potent weapons of destruction are heavily protected from their effects – the fire-blackened and chem-scalded Destroyers being clad in modified and reinforced suits of power armour, essential to withstand the deadly rad-taint of their own weaponry. Often shunned and distrusted by their Legion brothers, the Destroyers are deemed a necessary evil at best during these violent times, yet none can deny the potency of their relic-weapons."
Legion Rapier Graviton Cannon and Quad Heavy Bolter

Legion Rapier with Graviton Cannon

"The Rapier armoured carrier is a semi-automated weapons carriage, equipped with on-board targeting systems and powerful generators. It is designed to mount support weaponry too large and cumbersome for even the superhuman strength of a Space Marine to carry, and the Rapier’s relatively small size makes it an ideal support weapon both in attack and defence.
The most common armaments of the Rapier are quad heavy bolters or laser destroyer arrays for anti-personnel and anti-armour roles, while Quad Launcher are favoured for siege warfare. On occasion, a Legion’s Techmarines will also use a Rapier carrier as a mount for more exotic weaponry such as a Graviton cannon."
(Pics from Forge World. All rights theirs)
These are some fine new additions to the range. What will you be getting?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

News: Secret Weapon Miniatures Tablescapes Kickstarter

A quick update here to let everyone know that the Kickstarter for Secret Weapon Miniatures' Tablescape boards!

The link to the kickstater

These are some excellent boards produced by SWM and are setup to be completely modular 12" x 12" squares. The possible combinations are huge. Currently, the scrapyard tiles are unlocked which should suit most of your sci-fi wargaming needs. These appear to be a major improvement over GW's boards both in terms of variety, how they connect, and perhaps most importantly, cost - 40% cheaper than that other board currently available! Head on over to the kickstarter and support this awesome product!

(Pic from Secret Weapon Miniatures. All rights theirs.)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Game of Thrones: Lannister Shadow Intrigue V1.0

(Pic property of Saejima1/Montezuma3. All rights theirs)

Slick here again. Today I have a deck to share for the Game of Thrones LCG by Fantasy Flight. If you haven't had a chance to play this game yet and you're a fan of the HBO show and/or the books by George R. R. Martin, then you really should get into this wonderful game!

This deck focuses on the Lannister strengths of dominating Intrigue Challenges, Gold production, and manipulation. This builds off of core cards with a big selection from the Lions of the Rock expansion and various chapter packs.

Lannister House Card
Power Behind the Throne Agenda

Plots (7)
Hear Me Roar
Frey Hospitality
Valar Morghulis
City of Spiders
City of Soldiers
City of lies
City of Secrets

Characters (25)
(3) Tyrion Lannister (King's Landing)
(1) Varys (King's Landing)
(1) Qyburn (King's Landing)
(1) Syrio Forel (King's Landing)
(1) Lannisport Weaponsmith
(1) Lannisport Moneylender
(1) Lannisport Steward
(1) Enemy Informer
(3) Myrcella Lanniser (LotR)
(2) Cersei Lanniser (LotR)
(1) Ser Ilyn Payne
(1) Bronn
(1) Cersei's Attendant
(1) Tywin Lannister
(1) Ser Jaime Lannister
(1) Ser Balon Swann
(1) Littlefinger (King's Landing)
(3) Mountain Refugee

Locations (19)
(3) Kingdom of Shadows
(1) Street of Steel
(2) Lannisport Treasury
(1) Shae's Manse
(3) Sunset Sea
(3) The Goldroad
(1) Hall of Heroes
(1) Gold Tooth Mines
(1) Lannisport Brothel
(1) Queen Cersei's Chambers
(1) Alchemist's Guild Hall
(1) Casterly Rock

Events/Attachments (16)
(3) The Only Game that Matters
(3) The Wealth of the Rock
(1) You've Killed the Wrong Dwarf
(3) Terminal Schemes
(1) A Lannister Pays His Debts
(2) Paper Shield
(1) I'm You Writ Small
(1) Insidious Ways
(1) Distraction

The deck runs very well right now although I need to add in some more cards from core sets and a few more chapter packs to get it to where I want. As a result there are a few filler cards which are still quite good but can be replaced. Look for Game of Thrones game coverage starting soon on our YouTube page!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

News: Knight Titan by Blightwheel Miniatures

Slick here again. If you are looking for some superheavy support for your Apocalypse forces you will want to look at Blightwheelminiatures and their excellent Prometheus model which is effectively a Knight Titan-sized mech.

Blight Wheel's website is here and blog is here.

You can order Prometheus here.

This is a fantastic kit. I'll take one!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

News: Forgeworld Imperial Armour Vol 12 The Fall of Orpheus

The latest from Forgeworld - Imeprial Armour Vol. 12 The Fall of Orpheus:

On the edge of the Segmentum Tempestus, the Orpheus Sector has stood as a bulwark against the outer darkness for millennia. Forged in war and preserved by the blood of the Imperium’s soldiers, it has stood against the privations of the Orks from without and the treachery of the Ruinous Powers from within, but now a new terror has risen that is beyond anything it has faced before.
From their cold tombs beneath forbidden and dead worlds rise the Necrons of the ancient Maynarkh Dynasty. Tainted by madness and abominable hunger, undying warrior-legions and the fearsome war engines of a lost age strike without warning, seeking to exterminate the humans that now infest their former domains. Hundreds of worlds have fallen already, billions lie dead, and the fate of the sector hangs in the balance, but the Imperium has not been slow to react. The Space Marines of the Minotaurs Chapter and the relentless armies of the Death Korps of Krieg stand ready to defend the sector, but can even these forces hold before the nightmare that has come to Orpheus?

All kinds of new Necron units here including the Realm of Battle Board section and the bomber!

Prussian Empire: Metzger is Always Watching!

Slick here again with another update for my Prussian Empire forces. Today I've got a pair of completed Metzgers to share. These are some of the coolest and iconic models in the entire game and they look great towering over everything else on the battlefield. In keeping with other Teutonic Order units, I've kept the scheme mostly dark to emphasize the intimidating nature of these gigantic machines. Comments welcome!

I'll be finishing up the rest of my land forces (2+ starters) next! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Tau: FAQ already available!

In what must surely be a record, Games-Workshop has already released a FAQ for the Tau! Click the link below:


Remember when it took months or even the better part of a year to get a FAQ?

Army Profile: Steele's World Eaters (pic heavy)

Slick here again. Today we have another post to share in our Army Profile series. Unfortunately, due to time conflicts we weren't able to do a video for this army so we're doing this profile with pictures and an email interview.

Our army profile today is Bryan Steele's World Eater army. You may know Bryan from his work with Dark Age or more recently as the editor for the excellent Ravage Magazine! Let's dive right into this excellent collection!

"When did you first start playing Chaos Space Marines, specifically World Eaters, and what drew you to this army?"
------------------>> I began building my World Eaters as an accompanying force to my friend's Khornate Demons about 5 or 6 years ago. I have always been a fan of the dichotomy between a tactically superior Legion of space marines that devotes itself to wholesale slaughter.
"How many points do you estimate your World Eaters to be at?"
------------------>> I can easily field 3,500 points all fully painted, but over 7,000 points if I throw in my unpainted stuff.
"What was fun and/or challenging about building and painting the army?"
------------------>> I am a huge fan of conversions, and so if I can hack it, cut it, reshape it or otherwise make it original...I do. This has meant that a lot of work goes into each model; especially the larger vehicles and monstrosities.
"Tell us about any conversions or unique features of your collections?"
------------------>> The biggest conversion is a mostly scratchbuilt Angron Daemon Primarch that stands about 10" tall and has an 12" wingspan. He hasn't been painted yet, but he is impressive (We'll get a pic when he's done - Slick). The conversions that most people recognize in my armies right away are the two Forgeworld Blood Slaughterers that I turned into a Forgefiend and Maulerfiend after the new codex came out. I love them!
"Do you have any Apocalypse additions for this army?"
------------------>> Aside from Angron himself? I have a heavily converted/scratch-built Cauldron of Blood made from some resin parts and a heavily carved up Land Raider. The cauldron in this thing is filled with red-tinted acrylic water effects, so it really does look like it is filled with boiling blood!
"Do you have any expansions planned? If so, what will you add?"
------------------>> I have a lot of stuff left to paint for my World Eaters, but with the release of the new Daemons Codex I'm thinking about expanding Khorne's influence into some allies from the Immaterium...
"Thank you for taking the time to share your army with us!"
----------------->> My pleasure!


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