Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shroud Mages: Ripper Subs!

Slick here again with a hobby update. Today I have a pic of my Shroud Mages for Uncharted Seas which I am updating with the new sculpts. These are four of the fearsome Ripper Subs! These have been drybrushed with silver and then a wash of drakenhof nightshade applied to both the model and the water. I wanted to keep the water dark to go along with the Shroud Mages theme. The torpedo tubes in the front have been picked out with gold. I'm going to go back and add some detail to the engine areas on these. First though, I need to paint up the eight submerged markers for these guys. Comments welcome!

Dystopian Wars: Prussians vs. Republic of France (pics)

Slick here again. Today we have some pics from a recent Dystopian Wars game (1000pts) with my Prussians taking on our local Republique of France player. We were running low on time for the game so there are only a few pics (no video unfortunately!).

Setup: Prussian right flank - speed and flying

 Prussian center - a dreadnought with fighter cap and another sky fortress start near the recently acquired air base (soon to be painted!)

The French center - a pair of armored cruisers, some frigates, and a carrier  

 Prussian left flank - a decoy/harassment force with frigates and corvettes

 French right flank - they concentrated their strength on this flank, the French dread deployed a bit too far back/in the corner to end up affecting the game much

The slow French advance up the center costs them as Prussian squads are able to strip away the French frigates and then aggressively target the cruisers and carrier. 

 The French manage to down one of the Gaiers but two still manage a bombing run on the already damaged carrier causing shredded defenses and a fusion leak later on. The French pilots never managed to take off.

 French close with and eventually eliminate the corvettes yet the corvettes managed to keep that flank occupied long enough so that the Prussians destroyed the French ships on other parts of the table!

A rare event, but the Sky Fortress manages a bombing run on the remaining armored cruiser, sinking it. Ack-ack also further damaged the French interceptors.

The final play of the game was quite funny and unfortunately there wasn't  a pic for it. The Prussian dreadnought caused the French battleship to teleport on top of it although neither ship damaged the other in the resulting collision! In the end, the French had an undamaged dreadnought, a nearly crippled battleship, and heavily damaged interceptors vs a Prussian fleet which still had an undamaged dreadnought, 2 sky fortresses, a gaier bomber, a few frigates, and 3 squads of torpedo bombers needing to refuel. Victory Prussia!

Necrons: Doom/Night Scythe Update

Slick here again with an update for my Necrons. I am nearly finished with my first Doom/Night Scythe! Below is an updated pic of the flyer. I will finish up the main weapon for it next. Comments welcome!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cryptic pictures from the Spartacus FB page

Anyone else following the Spartacus Board game page on Facebook and notice the cryptic pictures of what can only be new Domini emblems with the date of 11.23.12? I think I smell some expansions on Black Friday!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Dark Age Holiday Tournament

The Game Preserve Pavilions (Lafayette, Indiana) will be hosting a Dark Age 300 point tournament on Saturday, December 8, 2012, at noon.

Here are some of the details:

Army list size is limited to 300 pts (starter warbands). The number of rounds will be determined by the amount of players in the tournament. 

There will be pre-made scenarios for each round. Scenarios will be directly from the core rule book or a variation upon scenarios from the core rule book.

Please bring everything that you will need for gaming: force list, miniatures, tape measures or other measuring devices (TAC templates, etc.), tokens and dice, and of course rulebook/forcebooks.

Forcelists consisting of non-warband starters must adhere to guidelines established by the Apocolypse or Devestation forcelist books.

More details forthcoming as they become available!
The first Dark Age tournament at Game Preserve Pavilions a few months ago was a success, and with a dedicated, core play group in the area, I am looking to expand upon and promote the game even further.
The Game Preserve Pavilions in Lafayette, Indiana, is located near the corner of Creasy Lane and State Road 26, between McAlister's Deli and Chuck E Cheese's.
If you have any questions please direct them to swooshfinn[at]

Painting: Necrons (wip)

Slick here again with a hobby update. I recently started a Necron army and was eager to get underway with painting it up. I am starting with my flyers. - Only 2 so far! I'm going to paint my Necrons as the Nihilakh Dynasty. Below I have a few work in progress pics of my first Night/Doom Scythe. Let me know what you think!

Wargaming Gallery: Apocalypse Pics

Slick here again. Today we have a few pics to share from a recent Apocalypse battle with Imperium vs. Chaos. Unfortunately, the game only lasted two turns. The game did feature a reaver titan on both the imperial and chaos sides!

Wargaming Gallery: IG vs. Dark Eldar

Some IG vs. Dark Eldar action from a recent game! Does the Talos survive?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

News: Stellar Syndicate for Firestorm Armada

Slick here again. Firestorm Armada fans rejoice as more goodies are on the way! The Syndicate receives a nice preview this week with painted examples of the battleship and heavy cruiser as well as some background information regarding these deadly ships!

Here you see the mighty Phantom class battleship as well as the sleek Spur class heavy cruiser. You can read more about the Syndicate in the recent Spartan blog post featuring them.

I really enjoy the design of these ships and the paint scheme reinforces the sleek but deadly nature of these vessels. Who doesn't want to add some crime syndicate forces to their fleets or simply build a fleet of nothing but Syndicate ships?

Will you be adding these to your Firestorm forces? I certainly will!

News: New Firestorm Armada models incoming

Firestorm Armada is also getting some reinforcements with more alliance models for both sides of the conflict. It looks like the Ba'Kash are being fleshed out quite nicely with heavy cruiser and destroyer classes being added to their existing roster. The Tarakians also receive a key piece with the addition of their frigate model.

From Spartan Games:

The war between the Kurak Alliance and Zenian League is never-ending, as both sides are continually thinking of new ways to outdo one other. The Tarakians add the sleek Tarl Class Frigate to the Kurak Alliance forces, while the Ba'Kash introduce the beastly Varnak Class Heavy Cruiser and Tashak Class Destroyer.

Ba'Kash Varnak Class Heavy Cruiser (top), Tashak Class Destroyer (bottom), Tarakian Tarl Class Frigate (centre)

The following Firestorm Armada models are now available to pre-order from the Spartan Games Online Store. Click the links to learn more:

 Will you be adding these to your Firestorm fleets?

News: Dystopian Wars upcoming releases

Spartan Games continues to add to the increasingly reach Dystopian Wars universe! The latest batch of models focuses on the core nations as opposed to the recent release of various alliance nations.

From Spartan:

With the recent release of the brilliant Storm of Steel Campaign Book, we have seen many Alliance Nations populate the fields, seas and skies of Dystopian Wars, bringing with them the advent of new and exciting classes of war machines. However, the major powers of the world are not simply lying dormant while these upstarts, friendly or not, lead from the bleeding edge of battlefield ingenuity.

This month we return to the mighty core nations as seven new deadly machines of war enter the fray. From the menacing Onryo Class Scout Gyro to the electrifying Konigsberg Class Battlecruiser, many new ship classes and roles are already filling the ranks of the major powers. 

Russian Coalition Rudnitsky Class Repair Ship (left), Prussian Empire Konigsberg Class Battlecruiser (center), Empire of the Blazing Sun Onryo Class Scout Gyro (right)

Republique of France L'Arman 'Char 1C' Class Medium Tank (top left), Alma Class Frigate (top right), Kingdom of Britannia Lord Hood Class Battlecruiser (bottom left), Federated States of America Reno Class Medium Tank (bottom right)

These are all also available for pre-order from Spartan's website:

The addition of the battlecruiser class to Dystopian Wars adds an interesting new dimension and might help to fill in the gaps in some naval fleets as Prussian cruisers/Gunships tend to be a bit weak. We're excited to see the stats on these when they become available! The French are also getting a flying frigate which allows them to effectively field an all air force. This will make them even trickier to deal with.

Let us know what you think about the latest additions to Dystopian Wars!

News: Dystopian Legions models available

Dystopian Legions models are now available!

The following Dystopian Legions models are now available to order from the Spartan Games Online Store. Click the links to learn more:

News: Dystopian Legions Wave 2 Previews!

Spartan Games is going full steam ahead with Dystopian Legions, revealing some wave 2 models!

Empire of the Blazing Sun Alchemist Tenegawa and Takera Isamu (top right), Federated States of America Major Beauregard and Clockadile (bottom), Prussian Empire Professor Wulfgang Gustardt and Siegfried the Minion (top left), Kingdom of Britannia Colonel MacDonald (center)

Specialist and Infantryman - Prussian Empire (top right), Federated States of America (bottom right), Kingdom of Britannia (bottom left), Empire of the Blazing Sun (top left)

Prussian Empire Kettenkarre Tankette (top right), Kingdom of Britannia Basset Tankette (bottom right), Empire of the Blazing Sun Ryuma Steambike (bottom left), Federated States of America Treadbike (top left)

What do you guys think about Dystopian Legions? The models look pretty cool, but will Spartan have success in breaking into the already crowded skirmish game arena? Let us know!


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