Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Indiana 40K Championship: Final Update before the event

Slick here with a final tournament update. Just as a reminder, earlier digital codex releases such as the Farsight codex and Black Legion are legal for this tournament this weekend. The latest Sisters digital codex release will not be allowed. We apologize if this inconveniences any Sisters players. The previous White Dwarf codex is still legal for this event.

In addition to the official GW faqs, we will also be using the Feast of Blades FAQ for this event.

In other news, we are partnering with Torrent of Fire for the tournament and should have the details for this available later this evening.

We'll see you guys Saturday!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

News: Codex Inquisition Unveiled

GW just unveiled the newest codex to come out: Codex: Inquisition. From GW

Codex: Inquisition
This November, you will be able to download the brand new Codex: Inquisition.

A full codex, packed with background and artwork on the forces of the Imperium’s most secretive and powerful organization. You’ll soon be able to field an Inquisitor and their retinue in any Imperial army in games of Warhammer 40,000.

Firestorm Armada: Battle for Valhalla Two-Player Starter

Slick here again. Spartan Games is really making a big push for Firestorm Armada with the release of a two-player starter set called Storm Zone: Battle for Valhalla. I'll let the pictures do the talking:

Be sure to head over to the Spartan Games site and get all the details for this gorgeous starter!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2013 Indiana 40K Championship: Mission 3 and 4

Slick here again with the final two missions for the upcoming Indiana 40K Championship:

Mission 3

Mission 4

Take these remaining days and get some practice in! Saturday is game time!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dystopian Legions: New CoA Infantry Revealed

Spartan Games has revealed the latest picture of the CoA infantry for Dystopian Legions:

Update: Back to Work

Slick here again after a long break. I apologize for not posting for a while but real life was intruding for a few weeks. We'll have several updates tonight including the remaining missions for the Indiana 40K Championship and some rulings so stay tuned!!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Forgeworld: Riptide Variant R'varna

Forgeworld has released its Riptide varient, the R'varna:

From Forgeworld:
A development of the Riptide battlesuit, the Tau XV107 R’varna battlesuit sacrifices mobility for heavier armour and increased firepower in the form of two pulse submunitions cannon, experimental weapons systems which fire micro-cluster projectiles capable of saturating the target area in a deadly storm of plasma pulses.

The stoic Earth caste of Ke'lshan was almost forced to abandon its plans for developing the R'varna battlesuit due to the monumental cost of these new war engines. Instead Fio'O Ke'lshan Sho'Aun turned to the Ethereal Council's demands for improved stealth and infiltration units, appropriating resources intended for this project to create the initial prototype units under the guise of creating a new Stealth suit. Renewed Tyranid attacks against the beleaguered sept world of Ke'lshan were to reveal O'Sho'aun's deception to the Council, as the trio of prototype units held back the savage host of organic nightmares that threatened to engulf the Sept's primary city.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Uncharted Seas: Sky Pirates Incoming!

Fans of Uncharted Seas rejoice as Spartan has NOT forgotten about the game! The Sky Pirates are finally getting their remaining models and the ships look amazing! This release will provide a much needed shake up the Uncharted Seas meta. You can find the full selection on the Spartan Games online store. Take a look at the upcoming ships below:

Dystopian Wars: November Releases

Slick here again with the latest releases for Spartan Games. Dystopian Wars continues to expand with two more alliance nations receiving some new models. The Kingdom of Denmark and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth each receive a boxed set featuring some of the existing models mixed in with several new ones as well! As if that were not enough, Spartan Games is seriously expanding its available terrain for the game with two massive sets for Harbours and Airfields. 

Forgeworld: Book Two Massacre, Kor Phaeron and Erebus

The Horus Heresy continues with book two - Massacre - set for release in a few short weeks! From Forgeworld:

Illustrated in full colour, The Horus Heresy Book Two - Massacre contains extensive background information on the dark deeds unleashed by the Traitor Legions upon their Loyalist brothers at the titanic battle of the Isstvan V Dropsite Massacre. Also within this book are detailed the histories of four new Legions which took part: the Iron Hands, Salamanders, Night Lords and Word Bearers, and an extensive campaign system so you can play out their battles on the tabletop. This 290 page book also includes additional entries for the Space Marine Legion Crusade Army list presented in The Horus Heresy Book One – Betrayal, as well as game rules for the Primarchs of the four newly described Legions, super-heavy vehicles and special characters featured in the story. 

In addition, Kor Phaeron and Erebus are set for release at the same time as Massacre:

Erebus was once the High Chaplain of the Word Bearers and venerated the Emperor as a divine being. When the Emperor chastised the Word Bearers for worshipping him, Erebus’ drive for spiritual knowledge led him into the welcoming arms of the Ruinous Powers and through their guidance he planned the downfall of the Emperor and all he had wrought.
Along with Erebus, Kor Phaeron has the ear of his Primarch and, more than any other individual, is responsible for Lorgar’s nature as a seeker after the truth, wherever that may lie and whatever terrible secrets it might reveal.
The latest additions to our Horus Heresy Character SeriesErebus and Kor Phaeron, designed by Edgar Skomorowski, are two multi-part resin kits with two scenic bases that can be combined into a single scenic diorama. Each individual is resplendant with fine details, from the runic script carved upon Erebus' head to the intricate lightning claws of Kor Phaeron's armour. 
Check out this video featuring Edgar Skomorowski discussing the creation of these epic miniatures:

Firstorm Armada: 2.0 Hardback Rules coming in December!

Space just got deadlier! Spartan Games is set to release version 2.0 rules for its popular Firestorm Armada game! The book will ship December 4th and features a host of new content.

Spartan Games has actively worked together with its player base and taken this feedback to produce an exciting new edition for the game:

Having gone back to the core game engine, our designers spent time engaging with a worldwide community of gamers to find out what they wanted from the game – and they have delivered upon it.
So after collecting together this feedback what have we done with 2.0? In the new edition you can expect to see:
  • Distinct play styles across the core races
  • Greater tactical diversity, including new ‘Tactical Ability Cards’
  • Targeted Strikes to take out key systems on an enemy ship
  • Faster and deadlier rules for Carriers and their Short Range Spacecraft
  • New Fleet Building systems, presenting you with more options and tactics
  • Rules for dynamic moving Terrain
  • Smoother Boarding Assaults
  • Brand new Weapon Types to crush your enemies!

If you have not tried this great game yet, you owe it to yourself to give it a try with a few buddies. The initial start up cost is very low, especially with Spartan Games' excellent starter boxes. Take the helm and command your fleet this December!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Indiana 40K Championship: Mission 1 Available

Slick here again with the first mission for the upcoming Indiana 40K Championship taking place November 2-3. Click the link below and start practicing! We will unveil another mission on 10/11/13 so stay tuned.

Indiana 40K Championship Mission 1

Remember to check out the tournament information page for full details on the event:

Tournament Documents

You can also register for the tournament here:

Tournament Registration

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Forgeworld: Castellum Stronghold

Forgeworld has unveiled another big release with the Castellum Stronghold expansion for the Realm of Battle Board. Marine players rejoice as you have an epic defensive structure to battle over! 

From Forgeworld:

When the situation calls for a prolonged deployment, Space Marines can rapidly construct modular fortified structures, known as Castellum Strongholds, to use as forward operating bases on a planet’s surface.

Designed by Blake Spence, the Realm of Battle Space Marine Castellum Stronghold is a 24" x 24" (609 mm x 609 mm) tile which can fit the Citadel Realm of Battle board. The model features areas that can accommodate Tarantula Sentry turrets, and its design allows several boards to be put together, expanding the size of the base.

Forgeworld: Iron Hands Legion Squad

Forgeworld has unveiled the latest Horus Heresy models coming out! This time we are treated to the Iron Hands Legion Squad. Take a look at the previews below:


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