Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rumors: 40K Flyer supplement cover leak?

The rumor mill keeps spinning and where it stops... no wait, there are some updates regarding the rumored flyer supplement for 40k. The cover as seen below appears to be fairly legit but until there is an official confirmation it is best to take the rumors with a grain of salt. The more pertinent question, based on the supposed contents of the book, is do we really need this? If we are not getting any  new flyers, and by that I mean for codecies which currently do not have them (Eldar, Tau, etc.), then will this really be worth it? Forgeworld released a book dedicated to flyers not too long ago. Having a similar book for the non-FW models seems more like an attempt to cash in on the major role flyers now play in 40k rather than providing something the game could use like getting the older codecies updated. Read on below and then let us know what you think!

(the photo is from Lorizael)

Some more light is being shed on the impending release of this supplement:

via Lorizael 
My sources say this will be a 70 page "compendium". 

It will have updated 6th edition rules for flyers: 

Stormraven (now available to space marines and BT) 
Storm Talon 
Ork Bomba / dakka jet / burna bomba 
Valkyrie / vendetta 
Razorwing & Voide Raven 
Night Scythe / doom scythe 

also dog fighting rules from crusade of fire and a new flyers scenario. 
I'm told this book will be a range item and not a limited release.

There is also the following tidbit regarding the release below:

via DarkWarrior1981 on Warseer
This is not as exciting as people may think. I saw the advert for the book at a local store; It contains only rules for fliers still on sale or with a codex entry (the Dark Eldar bomber is in), some fliers have their rules updated to 6th edition (whatever this means exactly). The only thing actually new is, that the Stormraven is now available to Codex Space Marines and Black Templars as well. Also you will find the flier rules from Crusade of Fire and new missions. The book will be on sale (no pre-order) from 16th of February, is direct only (so not from your FLGS), english language only and will not be limited stock.

Firestorm Armada: FREE Rulebook Download!

Fans of Space Combat, for the first time EVER, Spartan Games is offering the FIRESTORM ARMADA rulebook as a FREE DOWNLOAD! This is a great time to get into this fantastic game!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Necrons: Destroyer Lord wip

Slick here again with a Necron update. Today I have a few wip pics of my Destroyer Lord. I will have some finished pics soon. My Necrons are part of the Nihilakh Dynasty and so I am working on the 'egyptian' theme of the army. Comments welcome!

Dystopian Wars: Prussian Metzger

Slick here again with an update for my Prussians. Below is one of my completed Metzgers. These are one of the coolest models in the game. Rather than than the usual iron cross motifs, I am keeping all the 'Templar' units with a simple and primarily black color scheme. Comments welcome!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Dystopian Wars: Prussian Scandinavia Aufseher Class Assault Airship

Hello everyone, Slick here with a Dystopian Wars update. More work continues on the Prussians. I recently picked up all of the Allied Nation units available to the Prussians and that includes this awesome new airship. The Prussian Sky Fortress (carrier) has been nerfed a bit with the new edition of the rules and I am not a fan of the Gewitterwolke. This assault airship forgoes a massive array of weaponry in favor of being very fast and it can carry tiny tank tokens or the excellent new Faust Class Robot tokens (think mini-metzgers!). The Aufseher is still more than capable of taking care of itself. The Prussians finally have a ship (for its size) with the tools to get in there fast and fulfill its role within the army. If you are playing with land at all or exclusively, this unit is as close as it comes to an auto-include in the army. I went with a minimalist approach for the Aufseher to make it look a bit more menacing as it approaches and then disgorges its deadly cargo. Comments welcome!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Tyranids: HQ choice reviews.

Hey everybody, Frankie here. Last week I went over some of the basic rules in the Tyranid codex. And I left you promising that this week I would go over the Hive Tyrant. But in truth we will be talking about a few of their HQ choices. There’s not an HQ, or any unit for that matter, which I haven’t had on the table at least ten times, in either competitive play or just looking for a fun game.  And as a result I have come to know what units work where. That is why I like the Hive Tyrant, Monstrous Creature WS-8, BS-3, S & T-6, W-4, I-5, A-4, Ld- 10, Sv-3+.  He can take most of the upgrades available to the army. I'm not going to go thourgh them all. He can be given wings that make him a Fly Monstrous Creature, and already being an awesome beat stick, wings add speed to power, and snap shots are a beautiful thing. He can be upgraded to a 2+ armor save. He comes base with a bonesword & lashwhip(no armor saves with instant death on a failed leadership test and enemy models strike at Initiative 1)  and a set of scything talons(reroll 1s to hit). I like to give him the stranglethorn cannon over the talons, it’s a large blast S-6 AP-5 range 36” pinning gun. The gun is nice for infantry, but his real value is in combat. 
With 6th edition giving us challenges he becomes the character killer, the truth of it is there are only a handful of characters in the game that stand a chance. Because this HQ doesn’t care how fast they are, due to his lashwhip, what kind of armor save they have, what toughness they have, due to smash attacks that all Monstrous Creature have, or how many wounds because any toughness 4 or 5 enemies you use Smash Attacks and instant death them with S-10. And if that’s not enough he has a psyker power to make an enemy unit WS & BS 1. He can upgrade his close combat attacks have poison to reroll any failed wounds he inflicts, but I don’t usually take that. Another good thing about him is he has some upgrade abilities excusive to him, the best of these is Hive Commander. This allows you to add a +1 to your reserve rolls (making them a 2+) and can have any one troop unit outflank. This is great for Tyranid Warriors with a Tyranid Prime with deathspitters. And how much does this monster cost? His base cost is 170 points, but running him with the upgrades that have worked for me (wings, stranglethorn cannon and Hive commander) 275 points. Some may think that’s too much for one model, but for supporting the army the way he does in my list, he’s amazing!
Hive Tyrants can also be given a unit that can only be taken to add to him. Tyrant Guard. You can take 1-3 of them at 60 points for each. They can be upgraded to have a bonesword or lashwhip. They’re not bad in close combat with WS-5 S-5 T-6 W-2 I-4 A-3 Sv-3+. They have Scything Talons and Rending Claws base. If the Hive Tyrant dies while this unit is still on the table they gain Furious Charge and Rage for the rest of the game. They are best for keeping your Hive Tyrant alive till he gets to combat, but for the points, giving him wings and making him a Flying Monstrous Creature is a much better choice.

I have just recently started running my 5th Edition HQ as well, the Tyranid Prime. This guy is a great choice.  He is an Independent Character, but he is made for Tyranid Warriors. Because when he joins a unit of Warriors they use his WS and BS in place of their own. This takes the unit from WS-5 & BS-3 to a WS-6 & BS-4. Going from hitting on a 4+ to a 3+ when shooting their S-5 AP-5 18” range deathspitters. This is all the deadlier when they outflank on a 2+ due to the Hive Commander ability from the Hive Tyrant. He is Strength and Toughness 5, making it harder to instant kill the rest of the Warrior unit. Like the Warriors he can be upgraded with a bonesword & lashwhip, double boneswords or rending claws. I have mine kitted so I can run him with either bonesword & lashwhip or double boneswords. Magnets are awesome. Double boneswords cause instant death on a failed leadership test of 3D6, and being at Initiative 5 this is great for challenges. This HQ is yours for less than 100 points with these upgrades. And for leading a scoring unit, I feel is a good deal.
There is a 3rd HQ choice I like to run, the Tervigon. I know what you’re thinking, you can only have two HQ's in a list under 2000 points. This is not true in the case of the Tervigon. If you take a unit of Termagants you have the choice of making this Monstrous Creature a troop choice. This is awesome for holding objectives and for the relic mission, with toughness 6 and 6 wounds on a 3+ armor save, this becomes a huge pain in opponent’s imperial back side (Sorry Slick). And this isn’t even the best part of the Tervigon. This HQ/Troop can spawn more Termagants, and thats awesome! Before the Tervigon moves in the movement phase, the spawns 3D6 Termagants anywhere within 6” of this big mamma, even if she is locked in an assault. The new unit can move, shoot and assault in the same turn they are spawned, also any Termagant unit within 6” or spawned by the Tervigon can use her leadership for tests and gain the Counter-Attack special rule and if you upgrade your Tervigon with Poison close combat weapons and/or Furious Charge these Termagants will benefit from those as well. One of the main reasons I love this model is because it is at least one additional troop to help claim objectives. The reason it’s at least one is because on any rolls of doubles on the 3D6 spawning roll you lose the ability to spawn further units in later turns. And there is one other down side to her. If she is killed, all termagants within 6” and/or spawned by her take 3D6 strength 3 AP- hits. And for being toughness 3 armor 6+ Termagants, this can hurt. But in my experience with her she almost always proves her worth. I have had games where I have spawned 40+ Termagants! That’s 200+ points of free troops! Now to be honest that’s not all the time, my average is about two units about 8-12 in size. And she has a base cost of 160 points, a great addition to the army.
Moving on, the Codex has two unique character HQ’s. I will go over the less known of the two first. The Parasite of Mortrex. This guy sounds way more intimidating then he actually is. This Jump Infantry HQ has some fun tricks, and all are focused around Ripper Swarms. You may be starting to see why you don’t hear much about this dude. He has a 24” Synapse for Ripper Swarms. As for the cool tricks I was talking about, any model that he kills in close combat must take a toughness test. Each failed test spawns D6 Ripper Swarms within 6” of the Parasite. And any enemy unit that outflanks takes a single toughness test when they arrive, if failed one model in the unit dies and you get D6 Rippers within 6” of the slain model. The Parasite has Rending and Instant Death on rolls of 6 to wound. And at WS-5, Strength 6 , Initiative 6, and 4 Attacks, that’s not bad. But what is bad is he’s only toughness 4, even with 3 wounds and a 3+ armor save he dies way to easy. Anyone that knows what this dude does just shoots him to death before he can do it. And true you can put him with another unit, but at 160 points, I'll take the Tervigon for the same price, He’s not worth it. He can be fun in some casual games, but that’s about all this guy is worth. P.S. sorry my model of the Parasite isn’t painted, I enjoyed making the conversion, but having him painted is on my back burner, way back.

Now on to the more well known of the two. The Swarmlord. This is a true monster indeed. As a Monstrous Creature HQ, this unique Hive Tyrant does many of the things a normal Hive Tyrant can, with a few differences. His stat line is almost the same as a Hive Tyrant, but with WS-9, W-5, I-6 instead. He has the Instant Death rule on his Bone Sabers that also force any opponent to reroll any successful invulnerable saves. Just about anything this dude touches is in for a major beat down. He has a 4+ invulnerable in close combat. An 18” Synapse range and is psyker mastery level 2 that knows all four of the Hive Tyrants psyker powers. He adds a +1 to your reserve rolls, making them a 2+ and grants his own kind of Acute Senses. But unlike the normal Hive Tyrant upgrade this does not allow you to outflank a troop. One really cool thing this guy is he can give Preferred Enemy, Furious Charge or Acute senses to a friendly unit with 18” that lasts for your turn, this can help one of your units that needs to pull ahead in an assault. This HQ can be your own Chuck Norris for 280 points. But when putting that many points on the table you want him to live to round house kick some people, so you’re going to want to take him with some Tyrant Guard. Making him cost even more. For the points I recommend putting wings on a Hive Tyrant. This HQ is not useless, but I feel there are better choices. But good none the less.

So this concludes the HQ section of the Tyranid codex. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment and add your thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Next week I will be going over the elites. This is where some really cool units like to hang out.

Until next time!  


Sneak Peek: Iron Ancestor Doomstorm (Mantic)

Slick here again. Today we have a sneak peek from Mantic. Check out the Iron Ancestor Doomstorm (walker).

What do you guys think - hit or miss?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

News: THQ Sold! Fate of 40K video games unclear!

(image via Kotaku)

A sad day for the gaming industry friends as THQ, the studio that brought you everything from the Company of Heroes series to Dawn of War and Space Marine was chopped up and sold off to competitors. The various studios under THQ were quickly acquired by many of the other big names in the video game industry. VentureBeat provides a summary of who got what:

Sega bought Company of Heroes developer Relic for $26.6 million.Zenimax (Bethesda) bid $26.3 million. (Relic should be in good hands. Maybe they can work their magic on some of Sega's classic franchises)
Koch Media bought Saints Row developer Volition for $23 million. Ubisoft bid $5.4 million.
Ubisoft bought new studio THQ Montreal for $2.5 million. No other bids.
Darksiders developer Vigil did not find a buyer at this time.

Crysis developer Crytek purchased Homefront for $500,000. No other bids.
Koch Media purchased Metro property for $5.8 million. Ubisoft bid $5.175 million.
Ubisoft bought South Park rights for $3.2 million. No other bids.
Publisher Take 2 purchased new Evolve property for $11 million. Developer Turtle Rock Studios bid $250,000.

It is important to note that the Warhammer 40K license has not been picked up by anyone as of yet. Hopefully this lands with a quality studio.

Thanks for the happy memories THQ! You will be missed! What are some of your favorite moments from the Dawn of War and Space Marine games?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TippCon: Tournament information updates!

Hey everyone, Slick here again with a quick update for TippCon. We now have the tournament information available for our Warhammer 40,000 championship event as well as some minor scheduling updates reflected in the latest versions of the other tournament documents. The documents are all available via the tabs at the top of the site. Remember to register soon in order to guarantee a spot!

Questions and comments welcome!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

News: Games Workshop CEO Steps Down

Some big news from Games Workshop:

Games Workshop Investor Relations

Games Workshop announces that after five years of outstanding service Mark Wells is stepping down as CEO.  He leaves on good terms and with our very best wishes. 
The board will be seeking to appoint a new CEO in due course.  In the meantime, our Chairman, Tom Kirby, will be Acting CEO and Chairman.
For further information, please contact:
Games Workshop Group PLC        

0115 900 4003
Tom Kirby, Acting CEO and Chairman
So what does this mean for Games Workshop going forward? Discuss.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Dark Angels Codex Review : HQs

The new Dark Angels are out but which units are worth using and which are better left on the shelf? Inigo Montoya here with the first part of my Dark Angels review. I will be breaking down everything in the codex and giving you the lowdown on the latest iteration of the first chapter. Today we're jumping right in with the HQ units!

One of the best HQ choices in the codex, Azrael is the Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels and he must be your warlord.  He gets to choose his warlord trait, and he passes his leadership on to the rest of his army. His 2+ 4+ fnp(6) on 4 wounds makes him quite survivable.  He is fearless and really doesn’t like Chaos Space Marines much. 

His wargear is pretty nice as well:  4+ invulnerable save, 6+ feel no pain, a master-crafted combi plasma gun and a S6 AP3 master-crafted sword swinging at initiative 5 ensures that everything short of terminators folds under his weight.   

His real strength is unlocking both Deathwing and Ravenwing as troops and passing fearless on to the squad he joins.  This guy is solid from top to bottom.

Rating: A


Ezekial is a much better choice this time around.  He is the only mastery level 3 psyker in the codex, and he must take mind worm as one of his psychic abilities.  Mind worm has been revised, and other than the 12” range is now an awesome ability.  S4 AP2 assault D3, ignoring cover and singling out IC’s on a to-hit roll of 6.  A 3 point reduction in WS, BS, I, and LD is really nothing to laugh at, and single wound models just die.  Ezekial is also Inner Circle and is fearless.

His wargear is decent – artificer armor, a relic that increases WS by 1 on all friendly models within 6”, a master-crafted bolt pistol, and a master-crafted ap3 force weapon swinging at I5 make him a serious threat in combat and in challenges.  His lack of fearless is a real hit on his overall effectiveness, and this is reflected in his rating.

 Rating: B/B+


 The Master Interrogator-Chaplain is here, and he is pissed.  Hatred, fearless, fear, a melee weapon that causes instant death – he will be a good addition to a decent close combat squad, acting as a force multiplier and making his squad a real threat on the tabletop. 

 His wargear is minimal and a 3+ makes him as much of a liability as an asset.  I just can’t see him making the tabletop much when a standard interrogator-chaplain has everything he has except the ID weapon for 30 points less.

 Rating: C


 Belial was hit with a huge points increase, and although he costs substantially more than he did in the last codex, he is still reasonable priced.  He unlocks terminators as troops and allows you to determine which round deep striking terminators will come down – the first or second.  No rolling for reserves, they just come in on the turns you decided on after determining warlord traits.  .  I cannot overstate how powerful the ability to determine what squad arrives on turn one and what squads arrive on turn 2 is.  Putting Belials squad where it needs to be on turn one and dropping the remaining terminator on his beacon on turn two is unbelievably nasty.  Not enough for you?  His unit doesn’t scatter when they come in and he has a teleport homer.  He is fearless and he too has a strong dislike for chaos space marines.

If you choose shooty Belial, his storm bolter gets precision shot on a 5+.  The sword of silence is a master-crafter AP3 sword that wounds on 2+.  He can swap his sword and storm bolter for lightning claws or a thunder hammer and storm shield. Take a good look at the model, because I think you will be seeing it a lot in the near future.

 Rating: A


 As with the previous codex, Sammael can ride his jetbike or his super land speeder.  Unlike the previous codex, he is both points effective and useful on either.  This guy is fearless and is the only eternal warrior in the Dark Angels Codex.  When on the jetbike he has a twin-linked bolter and a plasma cannon.  He has a teleport homer, scout, skilled rider, and hit and run, making him difficult to deal with and highly effective when properly applied.  When on the speeder, he has a twin-linked heavy bolter and a twin-linked assault cannon on an AV 14-14-10 chassis that can deep strike.  He unlocks Ravenwing as troops, and like a few of his named friends, has preferred enemy: chaos space marines.  He gets to add d6” to his turbo boost / flat out move.

 Sammael gets a 4+ invulnerable save on his bike or for his speeder, and when on his bike, sports an AP2 master-crafted sword that hits at I5.

 Rating: A

 Company Masters

The captains of the Dark Angels.    These guys are your generic HQ beatsticks, and they can be kitted to do a decent job of it – for a cost.  They aren’t great with a 3+ 4+ and 3 wounds on a T4 body, and if you kit them to be effective, their cost becomes prohibitive. 

The Company Master is very customizable and relatively effective in combat, but there are so many better HQ choices in the codex that I can’t help but find him lacking.

Rating: C


 Interrogator-Chaplain is the big brother of the generic chaplain, and he does his thing a little differently.  He is 20 points more than a base chaplain, which is not a trivial points investment.   He is, however, a little more than a standard chaplain, so the points difference can potentially be justified.

He is fearless, has a better stat line and an additional wound, can become a terminator, and can take chapter relics.  So 20 points for +1 BS, Initiative,  attacks, wounds, and fearless?   If I am looking for a chaplain, that is a no-brainer.  Add in the ability to take chapter relics and terminator armor, and this guy is really solid.   If you are building a close-combat oriented list and you feel that the rock unit in your army just doesn't hit hard enough, this guy is the HQ for you. 

Rating: B


Why?  When the interrogator chaplain is only 20 points more base, there is no reason to take this guy.

Rating: D


This guy is crazy-cheap.  He is fearless, can take items from the chapter relics section, and can take terminator armor.  He cannot be upgraded to mastery level 3, but even at one and two he is a solid value.  This will be the most used non-special character HQ in the codex.

Rating: A


This guy is a standard techmarine in the HQ slot.  I do not understand why he is in the most competitive slot in the codex, but it is what it is.  He can take servitors like his counterparts from other chapters, and can take special issue wargear,  (hint: power field generator) but I just don’t think he will be as useful as some of the other HQ choices.

Rating: C

 Command Squad

At first glance, the command squad is an infinitely configurable unit that can be kitted to do nearly anything you might need done.  This is a true statement, but with one very real caveat:  when kitted for close combat, ranged superiority, or tank hunting, they quickly become an expensive power armor points sink.  They can do nearly anything, but point for point, there are far better choices for any of the tasks I mentioned at a reduced cost.  On a positive note, they don’t take up a FOC slot, but I just don’t think that is enough to make them worth taking to the battlefield.

 Rating: C

 Deathwing Command Squad

This unit is not cheap, and I am not sold on the banners and standards yet. FNP took a serious hit in 6th, and I am not sure that 5+FNP is worth bringing this squad.  They are heavy hitters, but so are standard Deathwing terminators for the same points.  I am up in the air on this unit right now, and I will have a better idea of how well they can perform after some play testing.

Rating: B

Ravenwing Command Squad

Very similar to the Deathwing command squad for bikes, the value of this unit is going to rely on the effectiveness of standards and banners.  For now I will say the jury is still out on this unit as well. 

Rating: B

Imperial Guard: Wyvern Armored Car

Hello all, Slick here. Recently, I was digging through the bits box and decided to just come up with some sort of vehicle. The result of a few hours of mad construction are below. I wanted to come up with some sort of armored car for my IG. I am going to swap out the hull ac for a flamer or even a grenade launcher to make it more of a scout vehicle.

I've decided to call it a Wyvern. I will put up a datasheet soon with some trial rules. Comments welcome!

Imperial Guard: Vendettas

Hello all, Slick here. Today I have my finished Vendettas to share. These two complete my 'air force' for the Guard (for now) :)

The conversion kits were simple, easy to assemble and look the part. These two have already accounted for scores of dead Chaos marine vehicles :)

These will be getting resin bases from DragonForge Miniatures so I'm just leaving these as is for now.

Comments welcome!

Blood Angels: Sanguinor (wip)

Hello all, Slick here with an update for my Blood Angels. I've been working on the Saguinor as I finish painting up the various HQ choices I have. After finishing Dante, I knew I wanted to try the Saguinor. It's just such a great mini. Right now he's about 65-70% finished. I need to tidy up a bunch of spots and get to work highlighting all the various blood drops etc. The sword also needs some more detail as does the halo. Lastly, the armor needs some fine edge highlighting. Comments and suggestions welcome!

Firestorm Armada: Dindrenzi Battleship

Hello all, Slick here with a painting update, finally. Today I have the first of my Dindrenzi ships to share from Spartan Games' excellent Firestorm Armada. I'm going with a pretty basic but striking color scheme for my Dindrenzi, black with a red front on the hulls. Now to get my cruisers painted! Comments welcome!

Dystopian Wars: Prussians vs. Blazing Sun (pics)

Hey all, Slick here. Here are some pics from an early Dystopian Wars battle - Prussians vs Empire of the Blazing Sun. Unfortunately we ran out of time before the game could finish, but it was definitely a blast with a cool table setup. If you have not tried Dystopian Wars before, it is a welcome break from all the games with massive armies and skirmish games. The game has a great entry cost and you get quite a few minis in each faction starter.

Comments welcome!

Tyranids: Special Rules Overview

Top armies, killer units, and who has the best codex?! These are things I and many other 40k players discuss. Frankie here, Slick has asked me to cover these questions for a specific army, my army, the Tyranids. Here I’m going to talk about their codex, units, battle reports and more. As for this week, I’m going to talk about the army as a whole.

The Tyranid codex; I hear a great deal about this since it is my main army. Some think it needs updated, some think it’s over powered. Like any army, it’s all about how you use them. I see all too often people whine about an army being too powerful because they are playing a really good player. It’s all about how you use them, which will be covered here for the Tyranids.

They have some unique rules that can be obnoxious to some, I am not a big fan of the Instinctive Behavior rule the Nids have, but there are ways around it. The obvious way is to use a lot of models/units that have the Synapse Creature special rule that has a 12” range. Which I would say is good to have regardless; it makes all other units fearless, auto regroup when falling back, and not have to take Instinctive Behavior tests (leadership test). Another good way around it is use the Instinctive Behavior rules to your advantage.

There is feed and lurk. Feed is a simple enough rule to work with, it disallows the unit to shoot but gives them the Rage Special rule. So it is a good idea to equip such units to be focused on close combat, then if they fail their Instinctive Behavior test they will benefit from Rage. Raveners, Trygons, and Mawlocs are great for this. Lurk is a little trickier. It disallows the unit to move or lunch an assault, they must shoot at the closest enemy unit they have line of sight to and within range. If no enemy unit is there to shoot at they must move to the closest area terrain and remain there as long as they are out of Synapse range and fail their Instinctive Behavior tests. I know this seems like a major disadvantage, and it can be. But once again it’s all about how you use it. 

The best way to deal with this is to take a small troop unit and leave them on an objective on your side of the table within terrain, while your bigger units march up the field that your opponent is forced to deal with sooner over your small hidden objective holding unit. I have won games because opponents have forgot about that small unit, deeming it a low threat. Or they are so tied up with my monstrous creatures and bigger units they don't have time to take down this low point unit. And it doesn't matter if they fail their tests because they are already in terrain, so they will sit on the objective and claim it. Those are some ways to use the rules to your advantage. I would suggest a good balance between Synapse Creatures and using these tips.

Another good thing about the Synapse Creatures is they also have a rule called Shadow in the Warp. This is a cool rule, it forces any enemy psykers within 12” to take their psyker tests on 3D6 instead of 2D6. With psykers getting the disciplines and and being as powerful as they are anyways, it has saved my nids in many games. Especially against Grey Knights, because their Hammehand power works in close combat. Shodow in the Warp helps shut down such abilities. It’s not over powered but very helpful. 

These are some of the basic rules in the codex. They have some versatility within their codex, flying monstrous creatures, high initiative, and high toughness ext. We will get into some of my favorite units that have really helped me in many of my games such as Ymgarl Genestealers, Tyrannofex, and Tyranid Warriors to name a few. But I will get into those as I go over the corresponding units in the following weeks. Stay tuned, next week I will be going over the Hive Tyrant! 

See ya then.


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