Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Painting: Chaos Marines Tutorial

From The Desk of Dr Bacon,

Tuesday Afternoon.

Good (insert appropriate daytime or evening greeting here) everybody! Dr Bacon here form Mini Monsterpieces ready to show you a quick tutorial on painting...

Ok so here we go...Whenever im painting an army I like to paint in batches, so we shall start out with a group of regular chaos marines, primed with army painter "ultramarines blue" because my chaos marines are as you may have guessed: alpha legion marines ( if your not familiar with the legion I suggest reading their lore however I sadly have no time today for history lessons, needless to say though these guys rock!)

Continuing on then I m making alpha legion marines and I want them in a somewhat darker style then gw paints theirs up ( I love the look of gw’s  paint job I just wanted something darker)
So to really start these guys off I used this generic green paint you can get at any walmart to selectively paint the group, just aim at the top of  the entire group and get a nice smooth coat on where the light would hit if it were directly over them.

For the rest of the tutorial ive chosen bone-head Phil here to be the chosen first of the marines to be painted, ive chosen a reaper 3/0 and a 20/0  as well as a citadel medium drybrush to do all the work on this piece 


First we start with leadbelcher and block out all the areas we want to have this nice dark metal, the shoulderpads, chest piece, legs, chainsword and backpack bits.

Then jump over to abaddon black for the leg and arm bends, the bolter, and under the chest.

Next I used scortched brown for the belt and fur on the end of the chainsword as well as the grip on the hilt.

 Ok so I want to make the exaust vents on the bottom of the backpack appear scortched and the piping to look as if phil is glowing with a hellish chaotic fire under the cold blue of his armour, the vents were first painted with scortched brown then the ends covered with a heavy dry-brushing of abaddon black. The backpack pipes I needed to make much lighter then the blue I primed with so I covered them with ceramite white then orange so the orange would be nice and bright without having to put it on heavy.

*painters pro proverb # 6 “tis better to paint thin layers and build up then to paint a heavy coat and ruin a great piece right off the bat”

After the orange I drybrushed about ¾ of the pipe with flash gitz yellow then a slightly smaller portion of the now yellow part with scar white to really make it glow.

 I want something to make my alpha legionares a little different and even more dark I thought, so after my fire painting was complete  I chose one of my personal favorite colours, warplock bronze,  to touch up various metal bits all over the body and add an extra edge of dark to the model.

 Moving on we use shining gold for the bolts in my custom dual feed bolter (yes mini monster pieces does conversions too!) and then shaded the entire model with badab black

Now the eyes I thought, cold eyes
Ice blue sounded cold enough to be the base of the eyes so that’s exactly what I used.

 Dotted with an even colder bit of white scar they truly glow with a cold hate akin to only those who know chaos.

 A little freehand with my fire colors on the chainsword and the model tutorial is complete!

 Hope you enjoyed! Until next time! Dr. Bacon signing off! Questions and comments welcome!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Forgeworld: Abaddon and Loken

Slick here again with some Forgeworld news. Horus Heresy goodness continues with a special Abaddon and Loken release! Check out the background information and pics below!

From Forgeworld:

Abaddon and Loken
Ezekyle Abaddon, First Captain of the Sons of Horus and Master of the Justaerin, was one of the most renowned and fanatically loyal commanders of the XVIth Legion. A hulking brute of a Space Marine, whispered rumour had long speculated that he was the clone-progeny of the Warmaster himself. Regardless, Abaddon walked willingly into treachery alongside his master, slaughtering many of his former comrades on the blasted fields of Isstvan III, and soon his name was amongst the most feared and despised of the traitor Horus’ followers.
Garviel Loken once commanded the 10th Company of the Luna Wolves Legion; later the Sons of Horus. He was a well-respected and senior commander, and one of the Mournival, the unofficial cadre of Horus’ closest advisors. His idealism and staunch loyalty to the Emperor and Humanity saw him selected to command the Sons of Horus contingent in the assault against the recidivists of Isstvan III. When the true scope of betrayal was revealed, Loken and his comrades cast aside their Legion name and proclaimed themselves Luna Wolves once more. They exacted a heavy toll on those they had once called brother, but it was as the Last Captain of the Luna Wolves that Garviel Loken fell.
In additon, the set is up for pre-order NOW and will be shipped on March 1st!
Forgeworld has also uploaded a video on YouTube about this set:

Chaos Daemons: Pre-orders up NOW!

Chaos Daemons pre-orders are up NOW from your local games store or online retailer! There are some exciting new minis coming! Check out the pics of the boxed sets below!

Codex Chaos Daemons $49.50
Warhammer Armies: Daemons of Chaos $49.50

Plague Drones of Nurgle $60.00
Blood Throne of Khorne $40.00
Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot $40.00

Herald of Nurgle $25.00
Herald of Khorne $22.25
Herald of Slaanesh $22.25
Chaos Daemons Psychic Cards $7.50

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tyranids: Troop choice reviews

Hey guys, Frankie here to talk about the Troop section of the Tyranid codex. Troops are the backbone to the 40K game, with 5 outta 6 missions require you’re Troops to hold an objective, they’re good to keep alive. So let’s go through what this codex has to offer.

The first guys on our list are a great Troop and personal favorite, Tyranid Warriors. You can take a unit from 3-9. They can take almost all the upgrades in the codex, even wings, but that makes them a Fast Attack unit called Tyranid Shrikes, them I’ll cover in the Fast Attack section. They don’t have a lot in the way of special rules, other than Shadow in the Warp and Synapse Creature. This makes this unit Fearless, and great support for Instinctive Behavior units. But their real value is in their stat line. WS-5 BS-3 S-4 T-4 W-3 I-4 A-3 Ld-10 Sv-4+ these guys are very resilient with their 3 wounds, and when paired with a Tyranid Prime they only get better. Put the toughness 5 Prime in the front of the unit to help make it harder to insta kill the warriors. I strongly recommend taking Deathspitters on them, this S-5 AP-5 18” assault 3 gun is great anti-infantry and for small tanks, and with the Prime making them BS-4 they are amazing. Another thing that I love to do with them is Outflank them with the Hive Tyrant ability Hive Commander, this can be costly, but while also making you’re reserve rolls a 2+ I find its more than worth it. Epically with all of those Deathspitter shots.  At 30 points each (35 with the Deathspitters) always a great choice.

Moving on to another good troop, this one is more for assaulting and does its job very well, I give you the Genestealers. These guys are very offensive in combat, true they have no guns but they make up for it. WS-6 BS=0 S-4 T-4 W-1 I-6 A-2 Ld-10 Sv-5+ also having Infiltrate, Fleet and Rending, those 3 attacks on the charge can be devastating. They can take Scything Talons for 2 points each to re-roll 1s to hit, I recommend this, and they can also have Furious Charge and/or Poison weapons for 3 points for each of them. They have an upgrade Character called the Broodlord. This guy is awesome, almost all of his stats are 1 better than a normal Genestealer except Wounds that go to 3, and Attacks that go to 4, BS stays at 0. He's also a Psyker. Being very fast and having a lot of attacks makes him great for challenges. Now I’ll be real with you, this unit was better in 5th edition than in 6th. Not being able to charge on the Outflank really hurts them, they are on the table for a turn or two and anyone that knows this unit will shoot at them, and a normal bolter unit can wipe them out. If you’re going to take them you need a lot. You can take between 5-20 in a unit and are great for hording your opponent with. But you can’t take a small unit and do real good very often. This unit can take a Mycetic Spore (see next in the section) like all the troops can(except Rippers)  to Deep Strike, but they can’t take many shots and live. So if you’re going to run any you have to hide them or horde them, and at 14 points apiece, not a bad troop.

The Tyranids have their own version of the Drop Pod, this is the Mycetic Spore. Now to clarify this is not a Dedicated Transport. This is a Monstrous Creature that must come in Deep Strike. It can’t be taken by its self, it is an upgrade. It can carry in up to 20 infantry or a single Monstrous Creature that follow the rules for disembarking when it comes in. It auto corrects scatter in the same way a Drop Pod does, and cannot move once it hits the field. This Fearless monster has a S-6 AP-- 6” assault 6 gun that has to shoot at the closet enemy unit if it’s not engaged in a assault. And the only way that happens is if the enemy charges it. Its stat line is this: WS-2 BS-2 S-6 T-4 W-3 I-1 A-3 Ld-5 Sv-4+ and has Lash Whips, so if they do assault it they will hit at the same Initiative, and don’t forget that all Monstrous Creatures have Fear and Smash Attacks. But this is mainly just a delivery system for units. And at 40 points, I like it a great deal. It can take some gun upgrades, but I don’t usually take those. And one more thing, this is not a scoring unit, however you can claim Linebreaker with it.

This next unit makes for a popular choice in a horde based army, but I prefer to use them differently, they are the Termagants. Now to see why these little dime a dozen foot soldiers are so cool you should go read my Tyranid HQ article where I go over the Tervigon. Which can also be made a troop choice for every unit of Termagants you take. Each Tervigon spawns 3D6 Termagants a turn, and you can field up to five Tervigons in a standard game. That’s A LOT of Termagants! Throw in some Hive Guard and/or some Trygons and you have yourself a nice swarm army right there. I played a few games where I did this for fun and made so many Termagants we started using pennies to represent the huge horde. Ever seen “Star Ship Troopers”? Yeah it’s like that. It requires a ton of models, but it can be fun. Now I personally prefer balanced list over “watch me take six of the same unit and call it skill”. (Dan, I hope you don’t mind me referencing you in here.) So I take a Single unit of ten with one Tervigon. This gives me just what I need for holding on to objectives while my other units clean house. Now the Termagants die pretty easy having toughness 3 with armor 6+. But having a lot of them or forcing your opponent to deal with a bigger threat is a good way to use them. They are 5 points apiece, bring on the horde.

Moving on to the Termagants annoying little brother of a unit, we now have the Hormagaunts. Many immature jokes have been made about their name. (Sorry again Dan.) But that to the side, this unit isn’t worth a whole a lot. Once again we have a unit with no gun, and here are their stats: WS-3 BS-3 S-3 T-3 W-1 I-5 A-2 Ld-6 Sv-6+. They have a cool rule that helps their running and can take Furious Charge and/or Poison, they come with Scything Talons and can have a unit from 10-30, and at 6 points base. Now what makes worse than Termagants? Nothing really, at least as far is the units individually are concerned. Hormagaunts aren’t worthless in an assault, but they are a unit that needs a horde. And at that point there is way better support for the Termagant in ways of hording units. I ended up taking off all their arms to make more Termagants, and used their Scything Talons on Genestealers, I think they look cooler.

Now this last unit isn’t what I would call top tier, however I've seen and used them in some really fun ways, the Ripper Swarms. Now I don’t use these guys in competitive play, but some do, and they make for some fun games. There good sides to them and bad. I like to end things on a good note so let’s go over the bad first. They are Swarms, so they hate all templates. They are Strength and Toughness 3 with a 6+ armor save. They are WS, BS, and Initiative 2. They have a rule that’s called Mindless, this is if they fail their Instinctive Behavior test they take a wound for every point they fail by, so keeping them in Synapse range is a must. I agree, it looks bad for these little dudes. So let’s move on to the good things. They have 4 Attacks base, this is great with poison. And most people disregard them because they don’t find them to be a big threat. This is not true. The unit is sized 3-9 with 3 Wounds each. These guys like having all nine on the table. That’s 45 Attacks on the charge, and with poison that can be nasty. I’ve seen Terminators die to this unit a lot more than once. And they are super easy to hide, when the model is only 7/8 of an inch tall, this very easy. In 5th edition they were fun with Venomthropes. I’ve put a Tyranid Prime with them moving them from combat to combat. They can be fun. They are 10 points a base, 14 with poison; they can also gain Deep Strike for 2 points a model. I feel there are better choices out there, but to each his own.

So that’s it for the Troop section of the Tyranid codex. I hope you enjoyed it and as always please share what you think about the above units and/or how you would play them.

Until next time!



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