Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Friday, March 22, 2013

News: Forgeworld Newsletter #337 - Outrider Squadron

Slick here again with the latest Forgeworld news. The Horus Heresy minis keep coming and the latest release brings us the Legion MkIV Outrider Squadron which is essentially Heresy-style Space Marine bikes. Here is the description from Forgeworld:

Outrider squadrons are mechanised Space Marine reconnaissance squads who take to the field of battle mounted on ruggedly-constructed ground bikes. Equipped with twin-linked bolters, often augmented with heavier firepower in the form of melta-guns, flamers or plasma guns, Outriders are used for rapid encirclement as well as hit-and-run attacks against targets of opportunity behind enemy lines. Their chief advantage is speed and mobility, their bikes enabling them to cover ground far faster than infantry, and to go where heavier vehicles cannot.

As you can see, these bikes are much sleeker than the marine bikes we are all used to and I really like the placement of the bolters on the sides. These are going to be quite pricey though at 60 pounds for a squad of 3. A squad of these might be great to distinguish a biker command squad though. Click on the picture above to see the full details on the Forgeworld page.

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