Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Friday, August 16, 2013

American Team Championship - Report from the frontline

Hi everyone!  Last weekend I attended the American Team Championship in Murfreesboro, TN.   I was part of "The Gypsy Curse".  I was impressed with our team considering that we came together three days prior to the list deadline! We finished sixth overall and we were within striking distance, however, we drew against "Tag Team Uranus" and that sealed any chance we had of playing on the top table against the eventual Tournament Champions "The Flurry Bunnies" from Toledo, Ohio.  Congratulations!  I want thank our team captain Tony Grippando for inviting me to join his team, as well as, my great teammates Brian Grippando, Tim Gorham, and Kareem.  I'm proud of our efforts!
Our strategy was simple, I would be the first list thrown out to the wolves and try to get as many points as I could, while the rest of the team attempted to play the best match-up possible.  It almost worked, however, I was outplayed in a couple of games by JWolf and Clark Welch.
This is the third year and I must say that this event has improved every year.  Shane and his crew have done a great job and continue show improvement.  The event was held at the Murfreesboro Agriculture Center which was well ventilated and conveniently located a few minutes from the highway.  There were a lot of restaurants in the area and most of the hotels were a few minutes away from the convention center.   I would like to see the event move to a hotel.

The missions included only two deployments, "Vanguard" and "Dawn of War".  The victory conditions were Crusade, Victory Points, and (5) Objectives, each worth eight (8) points, while the secondary objectives were worth two (2) points "First Blood", "Line Breaker" and "Slay the Warlord".  Heavy and Fast Attack choices scored on four out the six games and one troop choice could score two separate objectives, that was big!  The terrain was scarce. 
We played against great army list, we were out-classed against every team we played, however, I felt that our experience from playing in a tough 40K community back home in Chicago put us over the top in every round.  We didn't lose a round, we just didn't earn enough points to take us to the top!

"The Gypsy Curse vs. "The Prodigy"  in the first round.  Kareem is asking himself, "What I'm I doing here?" 
Overall I had a great experience, the competition was great, the environment was energetic and I met a few guys that I will be staying in touch.  Next year, if there are no schedule conflicts with the European Team Championships I will be heading down south with The Chicago Kamikazes.  Alan and Mitch were overseas representing Team USA in Serbia. 
Now I will go back to preparing for the Adepticon team tournament , Feast of Blades, Indiana State Championships and the Renegade armies.  So much work! 

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