Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Forgeworld: Riptide Variant R'varna

Forgeworld has released its Riptide varient, the R'varna:

From Forgeworld:
A development of the Riptide battlesuit, the Tau XV107 R’varna battlesuit sacrifices mobility for heavier armour and increased firepower in the form of two pulse submunitions cannon, experimental weapons systems which fire micro-cluster projectiles capable of saturating the target area in a deadly storm of plasma pulses.

The stoic Earth caste of Ke'lshan was almost forced to abandon its plans for developing the R'varna battlesuit due to the monumental cost of these new war engines. Instead Fio'O Ke'lshan Sho'Aun turned to the Ethereal Council's demands for improved stealth and infiltration units, appropriating resources intended for this project to create the initial prototype units under the guise of creating a new Stealth suit. Renewed Tyranid attacks against the beleaguered sept world of Ke'lshan were to reveal O'Sho'aun's deception to the Council, as the trio of prototype units held back the savage host of organic nightmares that threatened to engulf the Sept's primary city.

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