Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dystopian Legions: Prussians vs. CoA

Pics from a recent Dystopian Legions game! Prussians vs Covenant of Antarctica! Solid win by the Prussians, but the CoA can bring the pain!

 Covenant deployment zone!
 Prussian deployment!
 Transports moving up!
 Covenant drones advancing!
 Tesla cannon drops 2 drones!
 Brutal meleee as grenadiers charge Covenant commandos! Commandos are wiped out but Prussian HQ takes 2 wounds and Sergeant takes 1 wound to soak up damage, resulting in only 1 grenadier lost. A risky gamble. Commandos are wiped out!
 Tankettes blazing away!
 Epic rolls! The two specialists went down 2 turns in a row. The squad medic saved them both times but sacrificed himself the second time around as he was busy saving his comrades! Ooh rah!
 The situation was critical for the Covenant - the remaining drone takes out a tankette! Wub wub wub!
 Gunning down automata!
 Prussian APC popped smoke and blocked line of sight so that the grenadiers could flank around to the Covenant objective!
Covenant down to 3 models! CoA manage a charge on the small grenadier squad and kill off a specialist who put a wound on the CoA. All 3 CoA models down to 1 wound at that point. Game ends as Prussians score the 10th point to seal the victory! Prussian win 10-3!

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