Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


TippCon IV Schedule & Tournament Docs

TippCon is back bigger and better! Here is our planned schedule for this year's con!

Schedule of Events (Click on events for the document)

Sunday June 1
(8am-6pm) Yu-Gi-Oh Lafayette Championship (TCG Player Event)

(9am-4:30pm) Warhammer 40K Team Tournament

(10am-4:30pm) Dystopian Wars Championship
(10am-2:00pm) Star Wars LCG Lafayette Championship

(12pm-5pm) Game of Thrones LCG Lafayette Championship
(12pm-5pm) Weiss Schwarz Constructed Tournament
(12pm-9pm) Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller Championship 35 Points

(2pm-6pm) Hero Clix Championship

(5pm-9:00pm) Warhammer 40K 7th Edition 500 Pt Intro Tournament
(5pm-11pm) Firestorm Armada Championship
(5pm-Closing) Game of Thrones Melee and Draft Events

The length of all card game tournaments will vary based on attendance so please plan your schedule accordingly.

We have a few event packets still to upload but we're almost there. Most are now available. Check back often!


We will have open gaming space throughout the weekend where space permits. If you're interested in trying out some exciting games we will have demos available



  1. NIce!!! I cannot wait! I will be there in force!!!

  2. One ship build for an x-wing competition? Is it mission based or one on one combat? If it is combat I would expect it to be falcons on Slave Is all day. More info please

    1. Hello Anonymous, we've tested the setup extensively and have found the big ships to be too powerful after all so the 1v1 tournament will be just for actual starfighters themselves. We'll have an updated document this weekend!

  3. @Anonymous It will be one on one combat. We will be doing a few trial events in our local group over the next few weeks to see if 'fighters' will stand up to the big ships. If there happens to be too great an imbalance we will readjust the requirements for this event.

  4. For the 40k events, is that no forge world? Just thought I'd ask, wasn't sure if that falls under one of the restrictions since knights are allowed.

  5. Hi GraveMind, there will be no Forge World allowed. It should mention all of the restrictions on the event document. I will double-check. Knights are their own codex. Please read through the 40K event document.

  6. Any info on the Malifaux tournament?



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