Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Monday, January 28, 2013

Dystopian Wars: Prussian Scandinavia Aufseher Class Assault Airship

Hello everyone, Slick here with a Dystopian Wars update. More work continues on the Prussians. I recently picked up all of the Allied Nation units available to the Prussians and that includes this awesome new airship. The Prussian Sky Fortress (carrier) has been nerfed a bit with the new edition of the rules and I am not a fan of the Gewitterwolke. This assault airship forgoes a massive array of weaponry in favor of being very fast and it can carry tiny tank tokens or the excellent new Faust Class Robot tokens (think mini-metzgers!). The Aufseher is still more than capable of taking care of itself. The Prussians finally have a ship (for its size) with the tools to get in there fast and fulfill its role within the army. If you are playing with land at all or exclusively, this unit is as close as it comes to an auto-include in the army. I went with a minimalist approach for the Aufseher to make it look a bit more menacing as it approaches and then disgorges its deadly cargo. Comments welcome!

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