Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rumors: 40K Flyer supplement cover leak?

The rumor mill keeps spinning and where it stops... no wait, there are some updates regarding the rumored flyer supplement for 40k. The cover as seen below appears to be fairly legit but until there is an official confirmation it is best to take the rumors with a grain of salt. The more pertinent question, based on the supposed contents of the book, is do we really need this? If we are not getting any  new flyers, and by that I mean for codecies which currently do not have them (Eldar, Tau, etc.), then will this really be worth it? Forgeworld released a book dedicated to flyers not too long ago. Having a similar book for the non-FW models seems more like an attempt to cash in on the major role flyers now play in 40k rather than providing something the game could use like getting the older codecies updated. Read on below and then let us know what you think!

(the photo is from Lorizael)

Some more light is being shed on the impending release of this supplement:

via Lorizael 
My sources say this will be a 70 page "compendium". 

It will have updated 6th edition rules for flyers: 

Stormraven (now available to space marines and BT) 
Storm Talon 
Ork Bomba / dakka jet / burna bomba 
Valkyrie / vendetta 
Razorwing & Voide Raven 
Night Scythe / doom scythe 

also dog fighting rules from crusade of fire and a new flyers scenario. 
I'm told this book will be a range item and not a limited release.

There is also the following tidbit regarding the release below:

via DarkWarrior1981 on Warseer
This is not as exciting as people may think. I saw the advert for the book at a local store; It contains only rules for fliers still on sale or with a codex entry (the Dark Eldar bomber is in), some fliers have their rules updated to 6th edition (whatever this means exactly). The only thing actually new is, that the Stormraven is now available to Codex Space Marines and Black Templars as well. Also you will find the flier rules from Crusade of Fire and new missions. The book will be on sale (no pre-order) from 16th of February, is direct only (so not from your FLGS), english language only and will not be limited stock.

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