Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

2013 Indiana 40K Championship Results and Reflections

We had our inaugural Indiana 40K Championship this weekend and after several brutal matches Aarong Aleong emerged as the overall winner and is our 2013 Indiana 40K Player of the Year having won both TippCon and the 40K Championship!

Eldar and Tau in various incarnations made their presence felt at the tournament and dominated the standings. Two similar Grey Knight builds were also present with one placing 4th overall. Only one Necron player was on hand. Most armies featured allies of some sort with Eldar/Tau,  Tau/Farsight, and Eldar/Dark Eldar to name a few. One Chaos Marine and one Codex Marine player were in attendance. Noticeably absent were Orks, Sisters, Imperial Guard, Tyranids, Space Wolves, Dark Angels, and Blood Angels. Among the popular armies there were several Wraithknights and Riptides which seemed to be on nearly every table.

We faced a few last minute setbacks with the event. First and foremost was a combination of several no-shows and some drops in the last few days leading up to the event due to work and/or family-related issues. This significantly impacted the field as our field of nearly thirty dropped to 12 the day of the event. Compounding matters were issues with the hotel 'owner' at our venue. I will not go into details but suffice it to say that the unprofessional manner in which this person acted resulted in two players choosing to no play through the event as they were extremely upset at being addressed in the manner they were by said 'owner.' I did not want to cancel the event after all of the work that was put into it, and the fact that we had players who drove from as many as 4 hours away and had booked rooms for the weekend. We decided to relocate to our local game store for day 2 as we will no longer patronize that hotel for any and all future events. Aside from these hiccups, everything ran rather smoothly.

I greatly appreciate everyone who made it out to the tournament and I really appreciate the great feedback from the players which we will use to improve future events. I also want to give a special mention to Torrent of Fire for setting up our tournament with the excellent event managed software as this helped eliminate tedious paperwork and made registration and pairings a snap. If you are not using Torrent of Fire for your events then you are really missing out! Speaking of ToF, click here for the final standings.

Also, a special shout out goes to Chris Vinton and Jesse Zischke for their help in promoting the event up in Michigan! We look forward to sending some Indiana players up for your events. Last but not least, thanks to Justin Ankeney for filling in as a ringer for a few rounds and Chris Keimig for coming in early and staying late to make sure the event could finish properly on Sunday!

With this year's IndyOpen, TippCon, and 40K Championship now in the books it is time to look forward to next year as the first full season of the Indiana tournament circuit will kick off with the inaugural FrostyCon early next year in Indianapolis. Stay tuned for details! Who will be the next to immortalize their name on the Indiana 40K Cup?

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