Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Saturday, November 30, 2013

FrostyCon 2014 is Coming!

(Big thanks to GoatBoy for the design!)

The 2014 Indiana Tournament Circuit will be kicking off in February!
Frostycon 2014
1st round of the Indiana Tournament Circuit
Tippcon-April 2014
The Indy Open Grand Tournament-September 2014
The Indiana 40k Championship-November 2014
When: February 15th and optional 16th
*Torrent of Fire Ranking System- TOF will be used to update your national player ranking.
*32 player 1 day rouge trader tournament with a second day optional team tournament
*4 rounds plus 1 final round to determine undefeated winner (If needed)
*2nd day optional 2 person team tournament.(1000 pts stand alone list without allies) 3 rounds with battle points.
*1500 points-All current codexes and supplements are allowed. Forgeworld will not be authorized.
*Competitive Restrictions-All normal allies are allowed with the following restriction: Only the normal force organization chart may be used. I.E. only 1-2 HQ slots, 0-3 elite, heavy, and fast attack slots, and 2-6 troop slots.
*Prices-$16 for RTT. 2nd day optional team tournament $5 per player. (Singles welcomed-will randomly pair up)
*Awards-Over $500 in prizes for: Best General, Second to one, Best Overall(includes paint scores 50% paint 50% battle score), Best Painted and Runner up, 3rd place, 4th place, Last Place, and other random prizes. (Pending on amount of players in the event)
*Top 8 will be invited to the 2014 Indiana 40k championship Grand Tournament in November of 2014.
*Best General will be imortilized as the first FrostyCon champion on the Trophy below and receive
free entry into the 40k championship tournament to crown the 2014 Champion and best player
in Indiana.
*Top 2 teams in the team tournament will split the pot for winnings.
*FAQ-We will use the current Nova FAQ.
*Missions-Missions will be posted via facebook, theback40k blog, and on the Gamerz website by January 2nd, 2014.

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