Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Friday, February 8, 2013

News: World Eaters Legion Rampager Squad

Slick here again with the latest news from Forgeworld. Horus Heresy releases continue and World Eaters fans get even more love with this latest release - the Rampager Squad! These guys look like a combination of arena gladiators mixed with the space marine armor. Check out the pics and description from FW below:

World Eaters Legion Rampager Squad
World Eaters Rampager SquadThe Rampager squads of the World Eaters were formed of the most savage and bloodthirsty Space Marines in a Legion already notorious for its fury in battle. All underwent the prohibited psycho-surgery that Angron is believed to have instigated among his favoured sons. Those who survived honed their newly enhanced desire for berserk slaughter through martial discipline and the mastery of cruel and vicious weapons adapted from the arena combats in which the Red Angel fought during his youth.
Of those World Eaters who were plunged too far into madness by their Legion’s experiments, little is known, but dark rumours whisper that they now form the ranks of the Caedere, or ‘butchers’; a dark foreshadowing of the red-handed future of the XIIth Legion.
What do you guys think? Are they a hit or miss from FW?

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