Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dark Angels: List Ideas.

Hey friends, Frankie here. I’ve been hearing a lot about the new Codex that the Dark Angels got, so I have made myself a 1500 point list. Now this is an untested list, but I would love to know what you all think. So please comment and share your thoughts.

Belial- 190 points
Librarian- with Infravisor. 70 points

Scout Squad- x5 with sniper rifles. 60 points
Deathwing Terminator squad- x5, one equipped with a cyclone missile launcher and lightning claws, three with thunder hammers and storm shields. 260 points
Deathwing Terminator squad- x5, three equipped with thunder hammers and storm shields. 235 points

Deathwing Knights- x5. 235 points

Fast Attacks:
Ravenwing Attack Squad- x3, one equipped with a plasma gun, Sergeant has a chainsword. 95 points
Ravenwing Attack Squad- x3, one equipped with a plasma gun, Sergeant has a chainsword. 95 points

Heavy Support:
Devastator Squad- two with lascannons, two with missile launchers and flakk missiles. 160 points

Aegis Defense Line- with Quad-gun. 100 points

 Now there is a point to everything in this list, there is a plan that goes along with it. With this list you’re going to want to second in objective based games, I’ll explain why in a bit. Let’s start with deployment.  Set up your Aegis line on your side of the table with good line of sight to most of your opponents army. Give your Librarian the Diviation primaris power, Prescience. And put him on the Quad-gun. Line up you’re Devastators along the Aegis line. Be sure to keep them all a little over 2” behind the wall for enemy assaulting. (pg. 104 “Barricades and Walls”) Put you’re Scouts behind the Devastators on an Objective placed earlier. (Mission permitting) Place you’re Ravenwings just ahead of your Defense line ready to move up the table. Have Belial with the Terminators that have the cyclone missile launcher, have that unit come in on turn 1, due to the Deathwing Assault special rule, and the other two come in later by Belial or next to your Bikes. That’s it for deployment.

Some of you may already see where I’m going with this. During every movement phase have you’re Librarian cast Prescience on your Devastators, you now have four awesome guns that are all twin-linked that can take both tanks and flyers at 48”, and due to the Sergeants Signum, you make one of the BS-5 depending what you’re shooting at. And because the Librarian is on the Quad-gun you can spilt their fire. Your Scouts too can help with some suppressing fire with their sniper rifles. I like have a real cheap Troop choice holding an Objective that can hide well, and with their free snipers they can help shoot as well as claim victory points.

Have Belial and his unit Deep Strike behind enemy lines and have that missile launcher do some damage behind those three storm shields. This is why you want to go second, hoping your opponent will march many units up and out of range to hurt this unit. Move your Ravenwings up to a good strategic point. This allows you to put you’re two remaining units within 6” of Belial or your Bikers without fear of scatter because of their teleport homers. I would have them come in by Belial most of the time. This allows you to sandwich your opponent between 16 Terminators and some serious fire power. You may want to move Belial to the Knights unit or even start him there. I like the missile launcher coming in first so you can get some first turn shooting with it. Also the free Lightning claws are good for him because he is basicaly replacing a strom bolter for missiles. I would also make your Librarian the Warlord over Belial, because with him on the other side of the table like that people are going to try very hard to kill him, where the Librarian is a little more protected. And you may be thinking why take two units of Ravenwings like this instead of one unit of 6 then use the Combat Squad rule, because it cost 1 point more and you will no longer have an even 1500 list. And if you fear all your shooter being assaulted behind you’re Defense line, you can start some Terminators back there to help out instead of Deep Striking them.

So this is my list, it has yet to be tested but I’m hoping to get in some games with it in the near future. Please leave your comments and let me know what you think. If you like it, hate it, what you change or do different. Or how you’re army would handle it. All is welcome.

Until next time!


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