Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Painting: Chaos Marines Tutorial

From The Desk of Dr Bacon,

Tuesday Afternoon.

Good (insert appropriate daytime or evening greeting here) everybody! Dr Bacon here form Mini Monsterpieces ready to show you a quick tutorial on painting...

Ok so here we go...Whenever im painting an army I like to paint in batches, so we shall start out with a group of regular chaos marines, primed with army painter "ultramarines blue" because my chaos marines are as you may have guessed: alpha legion marines ( if your not familiar with the legion I suggest reading their lore however I sadly have no time today for history lessons, needless to say though these guys rock!)

Continuing on then I m making alpha legion marines and I want them in a somewhat darker style then gw paints theirs up ( I love the look of gw’s  paint job I just wanted something darker)
So to really start these guys off I used this generic green paint you can get at any walmart to selectively paint the group, just aim at the top of  the entire group and get a nice smooth coat on where the light would hit if it were directly over them.

For the rest of the tutorial ive chosen bone-head Phil here to be the chosen first of the marines to be painted, ive chosen a reaper 3/0 and a 20/0  as well as a citadel medium drybrush to do all the work on this piece 


First we start with leadbelcher and block out all the areas we want to have this nice dark metal, the shoulderpads, chest piece, legs, chainsword and backpack bits.

Then jump over to abaddon black for the leg and arm bends, the bolter, and under the chest.

Next I used scortched brown for the belt and fur on the end of the chainsword as well as the grip on the hilt.

 Ok so I want to make the exaust vents on the bottom of the backpack appear scortched and the piping to look as if phil is glowing with a hellish chaotic fire under the cold blue of his armour, the vents were first painted with scortched brown then the ends covered with a heavy dry-brushing of abaddon black. The backpack pipes I needed to make much lighter then the blue I primed with so I covered them with ceramite white then orange so the orange would be nice and bright without having to put it on heavy.

*painters pro proverb # 6 “tis better to paint thin layers and build up then to paint a heavy coat and ruin a great piece right off the bat”

After the orange I drybrushed about ¾ of the pipe with flash gitz yellow then a slightly smaller portion of the now yellow part with scar white to really make it glow.

 I want something to make my alpha legionares a little different and even more dark I thought, so after my fire painting was complete  I chose one of my personal favorite colours, warplock bronze,  to touch up various metal bits all over the body and add an extra edge of dark to the model.

 Moving on we use shining gold for the bolts in my custom dual feed bolter (yes mini monster pieces does conversions too!) and then shaded the entire model with badab black

Now the eyes I thought, cold eyes
Ice blue sounded cold enough to be the base of the eyes so that’s exactly what I used.

 Dotted with an even colder bit of white scar they truly glow with a cold hate akin to only those who know chaos.

 A little freehand with my fire colors on the chainsword and the model tutorial is complete!

 Hope you enjoyed! Until next time! Dr. Bacon signing off! Questions and comments welcome!

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