Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dystopian Wars: Ottoman Empire preview!

Slick here again with the latest Spartan news. Ottomans have finally arrived and this fleet is gorgeous! It is amazing how Spartan keeps releasing one quality design after another. The ships clearly have some inspiration from the French fleet yet they have a unique style all their own. This fleet also appears to be packing some serious firepower. Lots of broadsides and bombards across the various ship classes. This will be an exciting release for sure!

Naval Battlegroup
Sadrazam-Class Skimming Battleship
Fettah-Class Skimming Cruiser x 4
Mizrak-Class Skimming Escort Frigates x 8
Zuhaf-Class Small Flyer x 3 (no bombers?)
Skimming Mines (!) x 8

Support Group
Kanuni-Class Dreadnought
Sinop-Class Armoured Cruiser x 2
Avci-Class Destroyer x 4
Mizrak-Class Escort Frigate x 3
Zuhaf-Class Small Flyer x 3

And then recently this beast was unveiled:

 It looks like we have a land/naval carrier on hand here with some impressive looking weaponry as well - 2 turrets and what look like 2 bombards in the centerline. Simply amazing! Now I'll have to get these in addition to the Italians!

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