Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Sunday, May 5, 2013

X-Wing: Wave 3 Ships Revealed!

Yesterday was Star Wars Day and FFG unveiled the highly anticipated wave 3 ships for their fantastic X-Wing game! Details below:

X-Wing already includes a great lineup of ships:

TIE Fighter

Wave 1

Wave 2
TIE Interceptor
Slave One
Millennium Falcon

Brace yourselves for Wave 3!

As predicted the B-Wing and TIE Bombers are on their way, but wait up, they're not done yet! Get read fro the Lambda-class Shuttle and HWK-290 "Moldy Crow" (from Dark Forces)! 

Each side will now have a shuttle and bomber which opens up several new layers of strategy and tactics for Rebels and their Imperial counterparts.

FFG also has some details up on their site:

Check out FFG's Flickr feed which includes tons of pics of the new ships!

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