Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Eldar: FAQ V1.0 already available!

Slick here again with the latest for Eldar. In an unprecedented move Games Workshop has already released a FAQ for the new Codex Eldar, despite the launch still being a week away! Now if that isn't fast... There isn't much to see however as it is just a clarification on the Shadow Weaver.

Eldar Codex FAQ V1.0

Eldar are also up on the GW Advanced Orders page. Check out the miniatures here!

 Blood & Kittens also has an extensive summary of the (rumored) rules thus far:

Most of the rules information can be gathered from the Battle Report section of the White Dwarf. Here is what we know.

Wraithknight: Can get Suncanons: S6 AP2 Blast Heavy 3. Twin-linked with Laser Lock if Scatter Lasers hit first. Jump Pack, Monstrous Creature, 6 Wounds, T8, (Scattershield) for Invulnerable Save
Crimson Hunter (Fighter): Gets 2 Bright Lances and Pulse Laser : "Basically Four Lascannons" Gets a "Fighter Ace upgrade"
The Hemlock (Bomber): Gets D-scythes (Str4) and Mindshock (Morale Check) Pod (Bomb) Distort Rule (D-Weapons) any penetration roll of 6 auto pens regardless of strength.
Psychic Powers: Fortune (Re-roll Saves), Quicken (Increased Movement), Guide (re-roll hits), Restrain (Opposite of Quicken) Two sets of powers accessible.
Dire Avengers: Battlefocus: run and shoot in the same turn.
Avatar: Fearless bubble, Fleet
Wraithblades: T6 Forceshield Generator so invulnerable save
Wraithlord: is still T8 The focus of the battle report was of course on the new units, especially the Wraithknight it is almost like GW wants us to buy a certain model or something...
Other little tidbits...

Phil Kelly wrote the rules and Adam Troke the fluff.
No price yet for Iyanden Supplement
Wraithguard can get either Wraithcannon or the D-scythe so this might mean split on rules from the old dex between each weapon.
The force organization of Eldar Unit hasn't changed just new models added into slots
Wraithknight to Heavy Support
Flyers to Fast Attack
Wraithblades to Elite
Spirit Seer to HQ
Named Ranger to HQ

The following are various rumors floating around the web:

Codex Eldar :
- Craftworld ships will be introduced
- New special rules for many Eldar units. Old Nemesis (Slaanesh) and Battle Trance (running and shooting)
- Multiple exarch abilitys, options and equipment

Wraithknight (heavy support 240 points)
-Strong Profile (S:10 T:8 W:6 AS:3+, Jump-pack
- 2 heavy Phantom lasers (S10 AP 2 instant death on wound rolls of 6)
- Alternative equipment possible - for example close combat weapons with a 5+ invul and blind special rule or a S:6 5" Blast with AP2. with 5+ invul and blind special rule.

Somach Phantomhunter (fast attack 185 points)
- Psyker with the terrify psychic power
- 2 blast weapons with ap 2
- Enemy units within 12" have to reroll succesful ld tests.

Crimson Hunters (fast attack 160 points)
- New Aspect warriors with strong Exarch upgrades
- May reroll armor pen rolls against flyers
- Vector dancer

Wraithguard /Wraithblades (elite 160 points 5 models)
- Strong profile with S5 T 6 as 3+
- Wraithblades got 2 close combat weapons with AP3 and +1 S or can get a 4+ invul with a single AP2 weapon
- Runeseer can mark targets, every wraith unit can reroll missed to hit rolls of 1 against marked targets.
- If you select a runeseer as HQ, they become troops

Ililic Nightspear (hq 140 points)
- Alaitoc character that allows ranger units the Pathfinder upgrade.
- Has 9 special rules - one of them allows ranger units to infiltrate without the range restrictions to enemy units.
- BS:9 S:X AP2 instant death on wound rolls of 6
Other new releases for Eldar
Phantomseer, Runeprophet and cards for psychic powers.:
- 3 different kinds of psykers (Seer council, Phantomseer, Runeprophet)
- Divination, Telepathy and 2 new Eldar psychic disciplines: Runes of Battle andRunes of Fate (for Rune prophet and Runeseer respectively)
- Runes of Battle have always 2 effects, for example granting Shrouding or taking Shrouding off the enemy unit.
-Runes of Fate : 4 warpcharges, 2 powers, very strong and offensive

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