Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

News: Firestorm Armada & Uncharted Seas New Releases

Spartan games is unleashing several new models for Firestorm Armada! The eagerly anticipated Works Rapter and Hawker Industries minis make their debut:

In addition, Uncharted Seas is set to see several new models released. Check out the preview information below:
"With the new format for Uncharted Seas just around the corner we have been sharing some images of exciting new models on Facebook. We've got 11 new models from the rulebook being finished off. We'll then make the new rules, things like a new magic system, available for download. We first gave you a double helping preview of the Dragon Lords Celestial Class Heavy Cruiser and The Ralgard Jorarl Class Light Balloon, but you can expect more previews soon. Sky Pirates anyone? Facebook will be your first chance to see these previews so be sure to give us a 'Like'." 

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