Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Friday, July 19, 2013

News: Forge World Newsletter #350‏

More Horus Heresy awesomeness from Forgeworld this week with the release of the Palatine Blades of the Emperor's Children Legion alongside the Legion Mk IV Destroyer Squad with jump packs, two Legion Tartaros Terminator bundle sets and a Bolter pack for Legion Seeker squads.

Emperor's Children Legion Palatine Blade Squad
A warrior fraternity drawn from the finest swordsmen of the third Legion, the Palatine Blades existed outside of the rigid formations of the Emperor’s Children. They were a duelling society to whose ranks many aspired, and upon whom Fulgrim himself looked with particular favour.

Emperor’s Children Legion Palatine Blade Squad,

Legion Mk IV Destroyer Squad with Jump Packs

The jump pack, common amongst Space Marine Assault squads, is sometimes utilised by Destroyer squads. The increased mobility they provide enables the Destroyers to deploy more rapidly into battlefield positions, unleashing their destructive arsenal upon the foe.
Legion Mk IV Destroyer Squad with Jump Packs  

Legion Seeker Bolters Set
Seeker squad members are recruited from the finest shots in the Legion and tasked with the identification and elimination of the enemy's command structure. To aid them in the kill, Seeker squads are usually equipped with bolters loaded with special issue ammunition.

Legion Tartaros Terminator Bundles
Following on from the release of our Legion Tartaros Terminator kits last week, we can now announce the release of two new Legion Tartaros Terminator bundle sets.
Legion Tartaros Terminators with Power Fists 

(Pics from Forge World. All rights theirs)

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