Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Title: TippCon 2013 Results

Slick here again with the final results of this year’s TippCon! I apologize for the delay in getting these posted – too many real life commitments came up following the event. Without further ado, here we are:

Our TippCon Warmaster two years in a row is Aaron Aleong !

1 Aaron Aleong                 Necrons with Orks                           Warmaster
2 Dustin McClane             Chaos Space Marines                     Second in Command
                                                  With Chaos Demons
3 Keith Griffith                  Necrons                                               Renaissance Man
4 Tony Malave                   Imperial Guard with Chaos          Best Imperial
                                                  Space Marines
5 Chad Nicholson                                                                               Best Appearance
6 Nick Maier                       Tyranids                                               Best Xenos
7 Levi Taylor                       Tyranids
8 Ben Osbourne                  Grey Knights
9 Austin Brown                  Necrons                                              
10 Carlos Fernandez         Sisters of Battle with Imperial Guard
11 Calvin Brown                Grey Knights
12 Eric Pruneda
13 Matt Smith
14 Mike Cogswell              Eldar
15 David Fox
16 Jacob Ross                     Space Wolves
17 Stephen Carpenter
18 Kenneth Lechiara        Grey Knights
19 Zack Griffith                  Necrons
20 Theodore Crawford    Chaos Space Marines                     Best Heretical
                                                with Demons

The old tournament powerhouses are still present with 4 Necron armies among the 20-player field (20%). Chaos Space Marines with Demons came very close to dethroning reigning champion Aleong but fell just short. Overall, there was not any hell chicken spam going on. Imperial Guard mixed with some Chaos made a strong showing with fourth overall. Orks made it into the top 8 as well. Two Tyranids also edged into the top 8 but fell quickly. A lone Sisters of Battle army nearly made the cut for top 8 ending up in 10th overall. Rounding out the rest of the field we had several Grey Knight players, some Eldar, a lone Space Wolf player along with a lone Tau, and one Dark Angels player.

Armies not present at all: Blood Angels, Black Templars, and Dark Eldar.

The top two lists for TippCon:

Necrons with Orks (Aaron Aleong)
Destroyer Lord
Destroyer Lord
Warriors (6)
Warriors (5)
Warriors (5)
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
Wraiths (3)
Wraiths (5)
Mega-Armor Warboss
Boyz (18)
Meganobz (4)

Chaos Space Marines (Dustin McClane)
Nurgle Chaos Lord
Great Unclean One
Plague Marines (7)
Plague Marines (7)
Rhino (2)
Plaguebearers (10)
Plaguebearers (10)
Chaos Spawn (3)
Triple Las Predator
Havocs (5)
Aegis Line with Quad Gun

There you have it folks! A special thank you to everyone who came out this year for all of the events and making this the biggest TippCon yet! Stay tuned for news regarding the Indiana State 40K Championship and the 40K circuit! As a reminder, everyone who made the top 8 of this year’s Indy Open and TippCon receives an automatic invite to the State Championship and the top 2 players from each of these events has a free entry!

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