Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Sunday, October 28, 2012

News: GW Ultimate Paint Set!

Check out the latest release from Games-Workshop - the new Ultimate Paint Set tops out at 144 paints!

From GW's site:

"The Ultimate Paint Set is surely the mightiest set of paints that Games Workshop has ever produced, and contains every one of our 144 Citadel Paints. Yep, that's 34 Base paints, 12 Shades, 70 Layer paints, 6 Texture paints, 15 Dry Compounds, 4 Glazes and 3 Technical paints - what's more, all of these come packed into six drawers in a robust cardboard unit. Whether or not you have a dedicated hobby area, this is a fantastic way to organise your paints."

This is great for someone looking to go all out with the painting aspect of the hobby but for the typical gamer it may be too much. It is nice that the box is organized with drawers to keep things organized for those without dedicated hobby space. Will you order an Ultimate Paint Set?

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