Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Sunday, November 18, 2012

News: Dystopian Legions Wave 2 Previews!

Spartan Games is going full steam ahead with Dystopian Legions, revealing some wave 2 models!

Empire of the Blazing Sun Alchemist Tenegawa and Takera Isamu (top right), Federated States of America Major Beauregard and Clockadile (bottom), Prussian Empire Professor Wulfgang Gustardt and Siegfried the Minion (top left), Kingdom of Britannia Colonel MacDonald (center)

Specialist and Infantryman - Prussian Empire (top right), Federated States of America (bottom right), Kingdom of Britannia (bottom left), Empire of the Blazing Sun (top left)

Prussian Empire Kettenkarre Tankette (top right), Kingdom of Britannia Basset Tankette (bottom right), Empire of the Blazing Sun Ryuma Steambike (bottom left), Federated States of America Treadbike (top left)

What do you guys think about Dystopian Legions? The models look pretty cool, but will Spartan have success in breaking into the already crowded skirmish game arena? Let us know!

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