Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dystopian Wars: Prussians vs. Republic of France (pics)

Slick here again. Today we have some pics from a recent Dystopian Wars game (1000pts) with my Prussians taking on our local Republique of France player. We were running low on time for the game so there are only a few pics (no video unfortunately!).

Setup: Prussian right flank - speed and flying

 Prussian center - a dreadnought with fighter cap and another sky fortress start near the recently acquired air base (soon to be painted!)

The French center - a pair of armored cruisers, some frigates, and a carrier  

 Prussian left flank - a decoy/harassment force with frigates and corvettes

 French right flank - they concentrated their strength on this flank, the French dread deployed a bit too far back/in the corner to end up affecting the game much

The slow French advance up the center costs them as Prussian squads are able to strip away the French frigates and then aggressively target the cruisers and carrier. 

 The French manage to down one of the Gaiers but two still manage a bombing run on the already damaged carrier causing shredded defenses and a fusion leak later on. The French pilots never managed to take off.

 French close with and eventually eliminate the corvettes yet the corvettes managed to keep that flank occupied long enough so that the Prussians destroyed the French ships on other parts of the table!

A rare event, but the Sky Fortress manages a bombing run on the remaining armored cruiser, sinking it. Ack-ack also further damaged the French interceptors.

The final play of the game was quite funny and unfortunately there wasn't  a pic for it. The Prussian dreadnought caused the French battleship to teleport on top of it although neither ship damaged the other in the resulting collision! In the end, the French had an undamaged dreadnought, a nearly crippled battleship, and heavily damaged interceptors vs a Prussian fleet which still had an undamaged dreadnought, 2 sky fortresses, a gaier bomber, a few frigates, and 3 squads of torpedo bombers needing to refuel. Victory Prussia!

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