Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Sunday, November 18, 2012

News: Dystopian Wars upcoming releases

Spartan Games continues to add to the increasingly reach Dystopian Wars universe! The latest batch of models focuses on the core nations as opposed to the recent release of various alliance nations.

From Spartan:

With the recent release of the brilliant Storm of Steel Campaign Book, we have seen many Alliance Nations populate the fields, seas and skies of Dystopian Wars, bringing with them the advent of new and exciting classes of war machines. However, the major powers of the world are not simply lying dormant while these upstarts, friendly or not, lead from the bleeding edge of battlefield ingenuity.

This month we return to the mighty core nations as seven new deadly machines of war enter the fray. From the menacing Onryo Class Scout Gyro to the electrifying Konigsberg Class Battlecruiser, many new ship classes and roles are already filling the ranks of the major powers. 

Russian Coalition Rudnitsky Class Repair Ship (left), Prussian Empire Konigsberg Class Battlecruiser (center), Empire of the Blazing Sun Onryo Class Scout Gyro (right)

Republique of France L'Arman 'Char 1C' Class Medium Tank (top left), Alma Class Frigate (top right), Kingdom of Britannia Lord Hood Class Battlecruiser (bottom left), Federated States of America Reno Class Medium Tank (bottom right)

These are all also available for pre-order from Spartan's website:

The addition of the battlecruiser class to Dystopian Wars adds an interesting new dimension and might help to fill in the gaps in some naval fleets as Prussian cruisers/Gunships tend to be a bit weak. We're excited to see the stats on these when they become available! The French are also getting a flying frigate which allows them to effectively field an all air force. This will make them even trickier to deal with.

Let us know what you think about the latest additions to Dystopian Wars!

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