Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Breaking: X-Wing Wave 4 Revealed!

All pilots to your ships! Fantasy Flight Games has just announced the next expansion for X-Wing and it is going to add all kinds of exciting new options for Rebel and Imperial players alike! Four new ships are coming with this and it is great to see the game continue to tap the expanded universe!

The Rebels are getting Z-95 Headhunters which will open up some swarm lists for Rebels which could also see some missile spam action.

The Rebels are also getting the E-Wing which is a combines the best of both X-Wings and A-Wings.

The Imperials get the mighty TIE Defender, personally, my favorite ship in Star Wars, and the TIE Phantom as well. The defender is an interceptor on steroids with all the same firepower and maneuverability coupled with shields. It features powerful upgrades and apparently a never before seen maneuver on the dial.

The Phantom packs a real punch and also includes a cloaking device. This will open up some really interesting tactical possibilities for the Imperials.

Which ship are you most excited about in this new wave?

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