Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Spartan Games: Eclipse Company mercenaries for Dystopian Wars

Spartan Game has previewed another new faction for Dystopian Wars:

The Honourable Eclipse Company (HEC) is one of the largest and most successful mercenary outfits in the world. Operating worldwide, they have come to see the value of not associating with any single major power. The HEC prides itself on service without prejudice, so whatever your faction, they will be willing to give their all in battle... for a suitable fee, of course!

The powerful air Brigades of the HEC are becoming a common sight around the world, as canny or desperate military commanders and politicians empty their coffers to employ these highly trained and well-armed specialists. At the heart of the Aerial Battle Group is the mighty Elysium Class hybrid airship. This versatile vessel carries a swarm of stout Horten Kestrel and Sparrowhawk combat aeroplanes, as well as impressive firepower. Supported by a trio of Phoenician Scout airships, long-range Oceanus Class strike bombers and the exceptionally swift Hades Class flyers, this exciting set is surely one of the most powerful aerial forces to be seen in the Dystopian World.
HEC Brigades are commonly based in specially designed military structures, such as the Tartarus Class Fortification. Based on designs frequently used for oil drilling and mining in inhospitable regions, the Tartarus' well-appointed accommodation and ample stores are heavily defended by formidable weaponry. These vital bases give crucial support for your HEC forces, and can make a fine addition to a Dystopian Wars terrain collection in their own right.

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