Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Sunday, February 23, 2014

40K: Knights Rules Update

(Pic from Apocalypse 40K)
Games Workshop is adding a bit more info on top of that found in this week's White Dwarf (via BoLS):

via Jes Bickham (White Dwarf editor)

Some clarification on the rules we presented in White Dwarf today for some folks here: the Imperial Knights don't occupy any force organisation slots, they are not Lords of War, they are an army unto themselves. Something we forgot to say is that all Imperial Knights are scoring units, and if you're playing 3-6 as a primary detachment, pick one as your Warlord.

If this proves true we are looking at an army that fundamentally rebalances 40K and firmly brings superheavies into the regular game. Note, they are NOT Lords of War and what we see here seemingly solves any other issues they would have with being able to compete on the table top as for finishing missions. It'll be really interesting to see what Warlord traits the knights will have access to. Anyone care to speculate?

What do you guys think about knights being firmly in regular 40K? Are we set for another round of internet rage? This will be a very interesting week or two for 40K!

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