Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Monday, February 17, 2014

FrostyCon: After Action Report 1

Hi all, Slick here. So FrostyCon has come and gone and here is the Imperial Guard list I took with me. I ended up going 2-2 for a solid day. The biggest difficulties unsurprisingly came form Eldar/Tau with their ability to ignore cover which made it much easier to down my fliers. The list handled Necrons and Chaos Space Marines really well though. The Skyshield is an awesome fortification to work with and will frustrate an opponent's shooting. Some fun highlights were sniping Imothek round 1 and Eldrad round 2 with Manticores! Round three my first four shots with Manticores rolled up three tempaltes so that was fun! The codex can still hang with current armies although it is showing its age. Thus far, rumors point to several new kits but it will be interesting to see what guard get to deal with all the threats 6th ed codecies offer.

Company Command Squad         60 Points
                Autocannon Team          
                Chimera w/flamer         55 Points
Marbo                                         65 Points
Platoon Command Squad             40 Points
                2 Grenade Launchers    
Platoon (3 Infantry Squads)         260 Points                          
                3 Lascannons +60
                3 Flamers +15
                Commissar +35
Veteran Squad                                  95 Points
                2 Meltaguns + 1 Flamer
Veteran Squad                                  95 Points
2 Meltaguns + 1 Flamer
Special Weapons Squad                   50 Points
                3 Flamers

Fast Attack
Vendetta                                             130 Points
Vendetta                                             130 Points
Valkyrie                                              130 Points
                Two Multiple Rocket Pods

Heavy Support
Manticore Rocket Launcher        160 Points
                Hull heavy flamer
Manticore Rocket Launcher        160 Points
                Hull  heavy flamer


Skyshield Landing Pad                    75 Points

FrostyCon itself was a blast. As a co-ogranizer for the Indiana 40K Championship series, and this being the first full year of the series, and the inaugural FrostyCon, everything went really well. We held the event at Gamerz in Indianapolis, a fantastic store with tons of space, great staff, and really just about everything you'd want in a good game store. We had a little over 30 players for the event which is a good start we can build on. Everyone seemed to have a great time. All my opponents were great fun to play against and it was a good day to learn more about refining my play and the army, although I will hold off on doing anything more with the Guard until the new codex comes out!

Next up is in the Indiana series is TippCon IV, May 31-June 1 in Lafayette, Indiana. It's going to be a weekend packed full of events, and not just for 40K. We will have all of the information up shortly so stay tuned. I will also do a more detailed round-by-round analysis of my games for FrostyCon soon. Comments welcome!


  1. Awesome artwork and glad you had a good time.

  2. For sure, it's a great start to the series!



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