Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Monday, September 17, 2012

40K: Avenger Strike Fighter

Slick here again with a hobby update. Today I'd like to share some updates on the Avenger Strike Fighter I recently added to my Imperial Guard forces.

Here are some pics of the assembled model. It has some elements of the Valkyrie/Vendetta kits while having a style of its own. It is also a bit larger than those models by a fair bit.

Here is a closeup of the business end of the model. Guns guns guns!!! This thing is called a strike fighter for a reason. The model comes standard with the avenger gatling cannon which is essentially a vulcan mega bolter-lite and a pair of lascannons (not twin-linked). I decided to keep it flexible and added a pair of autocannons to round out its offensive weaponry. It also has a heavy stubber facing the rear, yet with its S4 shots, it really isn't going to take down any flyers. Plus you'll be snap-firing it more often that not, so it's really just for show. Thus far, it has performed fairly well in 3 games, taking out various light/medium vehicles and punching through some infantry squads.

I'll have another update soon with pictures of the painted model. Comments welcome!

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