Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Friday, September 28, 2012

Dystopian Wars News: Alliance nations now shipping

Slick here again with some Spartan Games news. Many of the alliance nation units are now available and include a large selection of units for air, land, and sea battles!

First up is the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth:

(From left to right) Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth LZ5 Rycerz Class Small Tank, SWZ3 Palnik Class Flame Tank, WZ6 Szpada Class Medium Tank, ZB2 Burza Class Bombard

The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is a great survivor; almost disappearing from the map several times in its history. But the Commonwealth's fighting spirit has never been distinguished. Its armies, built around the famous Legions of Winged Hussars, practice a form of fast-moving, hard-hitting mechanised warfare that will be a valuable addition to your fleet.

The Dominion of Canada:

(From left to right) Dominion of Canada Wolfe Class Medium Tank, Huntsman Class Tank Destroyer, Resolution Class Land Ship, Archer Class Flak Tank
The Dominion of Canada is the largest of Britannia's overseas territories, and has aided the KIngdom in its many military engagements around the globe. From the crushing Resolution Class Land Ship to the deadly Archer Class Flak Tank, the Dominion of Canada offer an excellent way to expand your Britannian forces.

Pics and descriptions from Spartan Games. All rights theirs.

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