Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Sunday, September 9, 2012

UPDATE! Relic Knights Kickstarter UPDATE!

As of this moment, you have less than 12 HOURS to get in or update your Relic Knights Kickstarter pledges!

That's right, in less than 12 HOURS the Kickstarter project for Relic Knights will come to an end and YOU WILL MISS OUT on some amazing minis and perks!


What is that you say? You don't know what Kickstarter is?  Ok, here is an explanation in a nutshell....
Companies and individuals draw up a proposal for their ideas and submit it to Kickstarter, for the ENTIRE WORLD to help fund or back the project, whether its a video, music, graphics arts, comics, games, etc...  As a perk for backing or funding the project, the company or individual usually offers so great deals on the project.  If the funding mets the expected levels set up by the company or individual, everyone involved with the backing or funding gets the deal or recognition set up by the company or individual.


Guillotine games recently had a successfull Kickstarter project for the soon to be released Zombicide game.  You as a funder/backer would pledge an amount of money to the project, based upon your pledge, you got an advance copy of the game as well as cool exclusive extras and goodies. 

If you pledged $100 you got a copy of the game, an extra tray of zombies, and chances to buy in more special edition survivors based on pop culture characters.  As funding goals were met for the project, more extras were "unlocked" and made available including extra tile sets, special dice, and zombie versions of the special edition survivors, one of the special edition survivors is Chuck Norris; the only thing worse than a mad Chuck Norris is a ZOMBIE CHUCK NORRIS!!!!!

Details on the Zombiecide Kickstarter are HERE!

So hurry on over to the RELIC KNIGHTS HOMEPAGE and take a look, BUT DO IT QUICKLY! So you can get in on the RELIC KNIGHTS KICKSTARTER WHICH IS HERE!!!!!!!

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