Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Monday, September 24, 2012

Local Events: Spartan Games League

Hey everyone, Slick here again letting you guys know about an exciting league we have going on to promote Spartan Games in the area. The information for the league is below. We have designed it to provide plenty of incentives for people who are brand new to the game as well as those already playing. Do you have what it takes to be the Spartan Games champion?

League schedule: September 13 - March 28

The first ever Spartan Games league at the Game Preserve! This league will encompass all 3 Spartan Games. Command your fleet in any or all of the Spartan Games and defeat your opponents. Points will be earned for participation and winning games. There will also be special events such as mini painting marathons and tournaments. You do not need to play all 3 games to participate and have a good time. However, there will be incentives for those playing two or all three syste
ms as well as incentives for starting a fleet in one of the systems you do not play at the time the league commences.

Entry fee: Purchase a $10 gift card from the Game Preserve

Earning points in the league:

Participation: play at least 1 league game in store, 1pt per week
Loss: 1pt
Draw: 2pts per player
Win: 3pts

Achievement Points:
Win 5 consecutive games in one system: 1 point
Win 5 consecutive games in 2+ systems: 1 point
Win 10 consecutive games in one system: 2 points
win 10 consecutive games in 2+ systems: 2 points
Completely wipe out the opposing forces: 1 point
Win without losing a single squadron: 1 point
Have a fully painted fleet: 1 point per system (can be achieved at any point)
Start a new fleet/or Spartan game: 3 points (can be achieved a maximum of 3 times, 1x for each system)

When you finish a game, record your results on a league score sheet. Results will be tallied and weekly standings will be on display at the Game Preserve.

If you play 5 games you will get your card back worth 100 points of store credit ($10). Play ten games and you will get your card with 200 points. Play 15 games and you will get your card back with 300 points.

Uncharted Seas Champion 150 Points
Firestorm Armada Champion 150 Points
Dystopian Wars Champion 150 Points
Spartan Games Champion: May select any starter fleet from the three games

If you have any questions or want more information about the league, feel free to email us!

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