Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Friday, September 28, 2012

Firestorm Armada News: Marauders of the Rift expansion

Slick here again with some more Spartan Games news. The long-awaited expansion for Firestorm Armada, Marauders of the Rift is now available! Check out the information Spartan has released for it:

New alliances will be forged, bonds and promises broken, blood will run and planets will burn as The Marauders of the Rift choose their sides and prepare for war...

The Marauders of the Rift Campaign Guide begins with a gripping introduction into this fascinating part of the galaxy, before detailing each of the seven new deadly factions. What follows are eight Scenarios, typical of the conflicts that break out in the Rift. A selection of special rules are presented, along with fleet building guides, Marauder Game Cards and Markers. It is absolutely brimming with content and, complete with stunning new imagery, is a must-buy for those looking to add even more excitement to their Firestorm Armada games.

Begin your new journey by reading our preview blog entry'Entering The Rift'.

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