Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Friday, August 24, 2012

BREAKING: DreadBall Kickstarter is up!

Mantic is moving things along with their DreadBall game with the Kickstarter page for it now live! Here is the latest info about the game directly from the latest Mantic newsletter:

"Dreadball is a two-player sports board game set in our Warpath universe where two coaches compete to outscore each other and win at all costs.

The game comes complete with a fantastically detailed full-colour pitch, two complete teams, a roster pad to keep a record of your team’s development ( yes – league play is included) plus counters, event cards, and dice – all packed in a beautiful high-quality box.

We're launching DreadBall throughKickstarter where with the help of the community we hope to be able to include the referee figure, alternative sculpts and more players in the box, as well as create new teams, introduce new expansions and create a strong community so you’re always supported!

We’ve got a great range of rewards including Striker! where you get the game, two extra teams, MVPs and loads more besides!

Not only this but we’ve created a number of limited edition “Early Bird” specials just for you guys allowing you to get Striker! at a reduced rate – a little thank you from us for getting in early - but once the first 100 have gone, they’re gone.

Those of you who supported the Kings of War Kickstarter – of which all of the August shipments are now being dispatched - know that we pack our rewards full of goodies and this Kickstarter will not be any different. If we can surpass our goal then Jack andStriker! will be getting very tasty indeed!

We hope that together we can make the best miniatures sports games possible. Please pledge your support and spread the word - we appreciate any help we can get!"

So what do you guys think? Is Mantic just making a copy of BloodBowl or will there be more to DreadBall? - Slick

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