Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Sunday, August 26, 2012

News: Made of Steele (Dystopian Wars)

Spartan Games keeps on adding to the alliance nations. This time the Dominion of Canada is revealed and they are getting the equivalent of a walking John Henry robot!

From the Spartan site:

We had a lot of fun developing the iconic Federated States of America John Henry Class Robot, a particularly fun model to make. At the time it was discussed that a ‘walking’ version of him would be a fun model to design.
As discussions grew Alliance Nation models it was agreed that the Dominion of Canada could have a walking robot, and so the Steele Class Assault Robot was born.

Design wise it was essential that we distinguished the two robots in our own manner. Being an Allied Nation the Dominion of Canada does not necessarily have access to cutting edge propulsion technologies required to make a robot fly, and may not be able to afford to fuel the thrusters for prolonged combat. This new version is relegated to beating feet with the grunts, though standing over two hundred feet tall his strides make quick work of closing the distance between him and the enemy. In addition, it has an exciting new weapon choice; the flamethrower.
This robot is a little shorter and can clearly be identified as a simpler implementation of the same technology that went into John Henry. As such, its simpler style shows it as an older model lent or sold to the Canadians as the FSA trundle on with their own developments in massive robot technology.
The final product is not only an exciting new variant of the flying robot we all know and love, but a terrifying addition to the battlefields of Dystopian Wars.
Will you be adding this to your FSA arsenal? If it is anywhere near the power level of the John Henry, this will further reinforce the FSA's dominance in Dystopian Wars...

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