Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Monday, August 20, 2012

Sneak Peek: Kingdom of Denmark

Slick here again with one more update from Spartan Games. Yet another allied nation is being previewed, this time the Kingdom of Denmark. Rather than going big, this nation packs a bunch with a specialized small ship, their Korsor Class Minelayer!

From the Spartan site:

"Whilst the Kingdom of Denmark has neither the wealth nor the power to defeat the great naval fleets that take pride of place in the militaries of the other Great Powers, the nation has nonetheless managed to defend its shores in spite of its tenuous position, sandwiched between the Russian Baltic Fleet and the seemingly invincible Britannian Navy.

In no small way this safety is the result of the Danish navy’s on-going efforts to deny access to its native waters. This has not been achieved by investment in great fleets of Dreadnoughts or battleships, but in a far more modest weapon – the naval mine. A simple, metal shell, holding upwards of a ton of Sturginium-enriched dynamite. It is a simple danger to even the mightiest of vessel.

This weapon is put to sea by Denmark’s little saviour, the Korsor Class Minelayer. Although only a small ship, comparable to the Frigates of other nations, it has proved an invaluable war machine since the outbreak of the war. Armed with an automated mine laying rig, these ships manoeuvre in large numbers, denying entire swathes of the battlefield to the enemy, forcing them towards bottlenecks where the Allied-Danish fleet can fight them on an equal footing.
Although specialist in its role, it also pulls its weight as a combat vessel in its own right. By virtue of its design and powerful engines, the Korsor can make a great turn of speed. This, combined with its single powerful 10” deck gun, make it a aggressive raider in the tight confines of the Baltic Sea."

Could we see a specialized defensive fleet for the game? Have at it guys!

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