Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sneak Peek: Protecorate of Belgium!

Spartan Games just keeps rolling out the updates lately. Here is the latest allied faction to make splash - The Protectorate of Belgium! Their first unit is a land ship which looks fairly similar to the Republique of France land ship at first glance.

From the Spartan site:

"The Liege Class Land Ship is more akin to a giant steam-powered fortress than the Land Ships of the other Great Powers. Although less mobile than its contempories, the Liege more than compensates with the considerable firepower it can unleash from its pair of turrets and gargantuan rotary mortar.
The Liege Class is the pinnacle of flexible defensive strategy. It is heavily armoured against incoming fire, and has multiple Ack Ack batteries to repulse aerial aggression. The Liege is even designed to embed itself into the earth once it has found an optimal position. With its ground clamps firmly in place, the Liege becomes a stable, unshakeable firing platform, allowing even greater accuracy with its formidable weapons.

As such, it finds its greatest use to be forming a solid battle line, around which the rest of the Belgian forces can operate. Against these fortresses, their enemies can hurl countless resources with little hope of breaking the defensive formation."

Will you be adding the Protectorate of Belgium to your forces?

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