Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sneak Peek: Copernicus Ore Refinery Ship

More previews coming from Spartan Games seemingly every day. The latest is an interesting ship for Firestorm Armada in the form of an ore refinery vessel. This looks like it could make a cool objective for a game or even a decent addition to your fleet. Some more information from the Spartan site below:

From the Spartan site:

"The Copernicus Class Ore Refinery Ship is a common sight in the asteroid fields and planetary belts of a thousand systems across the galactic sector.
The ship was designed by Hawker Industries more than seventy years ago, and has been in constant production and service ever since. In this time the design of the ship has gone virtually unchanged, just as has the job that it carries out. Small mining fleets of Copernicus Class ships arrive at a location, usually an asteroid or planetesimal, and begin the heavy industrial task of strip-mining it in its entirety.

The Copernicus mounts a powerful front array of torpedo tubes that it uses to systematically blast apart its target over a period of days, before sitting back and watching the dust settle. Once it is safe, the mining fleet can then move in amongst the debris, syphoning off any and all valuable ores and materials.
After they take their fill, the mining fleet sets course for a planet or trading hub to sell its hard earned bounty. En route the fully automated refinery plants on-board each ship conducts the complex process of extracting the valuable ores and elements from the debris that fill their holds, readying it for sale on arrival.
Such profitable enterprises will, of course, bring with them an extensive number of risks, as Corsairs, Raiders and Marauders are always looking for a free meal! Although these sorts have been known to strike terror into the hearts of the merchant armadas of the galaxy, it is often a different case for the hardy crews of the rugged Copernicus Refineries, who have long learnt that their mining torpedoes can make a mess of more than just space-rocks."

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