Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TippCon: Dark Age March to Immortality Qualifier

Dark Age fans, who wants to live forever? The struggle for Attr will reach a fever pitch at the March to Immortality Qualifier Tournament at this year’s TippCon, June 15 at the Best Western in Lafayette, Indiana!

The tournament format is 750 points with the Kukulkani list from Ravage fully legal. The tournament consists of 3 rounds with each lasting 90 minutes or until a turn limit indicated by the scenario is reached. Players will accumulate Battle Points over the course of the tournament with the tournament winner being the player with the most Battle Points.

Painting is NOT required but a separate Best Appearance prize will be awarded after painting has been juded.

We have some fantastic prizes lined up for 1-3 rd place finishers as well as Best Appearance and several random prizes as well! We don’t want to give away all the surprises but here is what the Tournament Winner can expect:
Kukulkani Starter set, a Cabrakan, and Cool Mini or Not Bases to for the Kukulkani! Don’t forget about the automatic qualification for the March to Immortality event itself! The winner will also receive the distinction of being the Indiana State Dark Age Champion for 2013!

Entry & Registration
The entry fee for the tournament is only $20! Preregister now in order to guarantee your spot and to receive a Tippcon swag bag full of hobby goodies! You may still enter the event after the preregistration period or the day of the tournament (space permitting), however the entry fee changes to $30. You may view the full tournament document here:
As an added incentive for store owners to promote the event: For every 5 players you recruit from your store, you, or one of your employees receives a free pass to the March to Immortality Qualifier!
Will everything you bring die before you can be crowned champion?

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