Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Incoming: Chinese Federation for Dystopian Wars

Slick here again with some exciting new previews from Spartan Games. Two new fleets are being added to the expanding Dystopian Wars universe with Chinese fleets being the first of these. Check out the descriptions and preview pics form Spartan Games below from what is looking line one of the coolest fleets in this already amazing game! Be sure to check the Spartan Games website as well!

Long considered the 'Sleeping Giant' of the East, the Chinese Federation is rapidly gaining traction as a world power. Its mighty Warships are entirely unlike the vessels of other nations. Hulls plated in armour of extraordinary resilience, the Federation's ships sacrifice speed in favour of incredible durability. Often likened to a castle wall, a fleet in battle will pound its foes with rocket barrages and broadside volleys, all the while impervious to long range attacks. They then swing round to bring devastating sonic and flame weaponry to bear at close quarters and steam in amongst the enemy fleet.

Chinese floating fortresses are a wondrous sight to behold - sprawling castles bedecked in oriental decoration held high above the earth or waves on thrumming repulsion engines. The mighty Zhanmadao Dreadnought is the pinnacle of Chinese technological advancement.

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