Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Monday, April 15, 2013

News: Forge World Newsletter #341

Slick here with some more Forgeworld news. A lot of new minis were revealed at last week's Forge World Open Day with the focus primarily on the ever expanding Horus Heresy range! Take a look below for some of the upcoming releases:

Realm of Battle Crashed Thunderhawk
Realm of Battle crashed Thunderhawk

Legion MkIV Destroyer Squad

Legion Destroyer Squad

"Considered dishonourable by some Legions, who eschew them altogether or make little use of them, the arsenal of a Destroyer squad includes rad-weapons, bio-alchem munitions and the crawling horror of phosphex. These hellish devices, which irrevocably taint the ground upon which they are used, have been forbidden by the Emperor’s own edict, and with good reason. For during the long nightmare of the Age of Strife, many life-sustaining colony worlds were rendered barren by their use, becoming uninhabitable charnel houses where once these verdant planets held thriving civilisations.
It is little wonder therefore that those who wield these potent weapons of destruction are heavily protected from their effects – the fire-blackened and chem-scalded Destroyers being clad in modified and reinforced suits of power armour, essential to withstand the deadly rad-taint of their own weaponry. Often shunned and distrusted by their Legion brothers, the Destroyers are deemed a necessary evil at best during these violent times, yet none can deny the potency of their relic-weapons."
Legion Rapier Graviton Cannon and Quad Heavy Bolter

Legion Rapier with Graviton Cannon

"The Rapier armoured carrier is a semi-automated weapons carriage, equipped with on-board targeting systems and powerful generators. It is designed to mount support weaponry too large and cumbersome for even the superhuman strength of a Space Marine to carry, and the Rapier’s relatively small size makes it an ideal support weapon both in attack and defence.
The most common armaments of the Rapier are quad heavy bolters or laser destroyer arrays for anti-personnel and anti-armour roles, while Quad Launcher are favoured for siege warfare. On occasion, a Legion’s Techmarines will also use a Rapier carrier as a mount for more exotic weaponry such as a Graviton cannon."
(Pics from Forge World. All rights theirs)
These are some fine new additions to the range. What will you be getting?

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